Sep 042009

I thought I’d help out and clean the floor around the litter boxes…

I better get some extra treats for this!!!


Hey, the Hams of the Werld Tour continues!
Go see what’s happening today!
(you might even see me in the Weiner Mobile!)
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  39 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Maid Service”

  1. hahaha you did a great job dear friend! Cute and funny!
    You have a fabulous tail!

  2. Come on over to my place now…we’ve got plenty of floors to clean:)

  3. That’s great! You’re doing a wonderful job…I’m sure your mom appreciates your hard work.

  4. Yes, please come over here when you are done at your house Zoey. My mom could sure use a helpful tail around here.

    Pee Ess…we think Madison is hyper allergic to fleas and mom and dad were a bit slack with his flea treatment.

  5. Can you come and help with our floors too???

  6. When you’re done at everyone else’s house, can you come here too, Zoey? Mom has to sweep up litter at least three times a day here (we’re proud of how much we can get outside the box!)

  7. Add us to the list of places to visit for cleaning, Zoey! 😀 And of course because we’d love to see you. 🙂

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. Pawsome job, Zoey! We giggled when we read that every mom and dad ordered your help to sweep. Please pop over to our place too!

  9. What a GRR-8 job you’re doing! Hope yer getting paid for the job!!! We have to apologize for our mom for not coming to visit in so long! We can’t seem to follow your page and she goes onto our dashboard to all of the new blogs. We’re sorry and we will be sure to tell her to get her head out of her A_ _! MOL We hope you all have a wonderfurl Labor Day Weekend!!!

  10. You do a great job of keeping that floor clean. You definitely deserve the treats! Mama wants to know if she can hire you to clean our floors. 🙂

    We reads your comment about Zoey. Interesting that both she and I are torbies and we both like to eat strings.

  11. Great sweeping Zoey! I’m sure you help out your Mom a lot!

  12. You area great at cleaning the floor! That does deserve extra treats. We are haveing lots on fun on tour, too!

  13. You’re very helpful! Sometimes we track litter all over the floor by our litter trays and sometimes Lola even wipes her bottom on the floor. Needless to say mum is less then impressed

  14. Nice sweeping action, Zoey! That definitely warrants some extra treats!

  15. Great job cleaning the floor! Mom wants to hire you to clean ours!

  16. What a good job and what a lot of work you did!

  17. Mom wants to know if she can hire you….Honestly she’s so lazy.

  18. yeah, they should give u extra treats!


  19. You’re doing a good job!

  20. You definitely deserve extra treats for all that work!!!!!

    Have a purrrrrrrrrfect weekend.


  21. Oh you definitely earned some treats with that trick!

    Halloween (hahaha, I said treat and trick! The Halloween day is coming soon!)

  22. Wowie! I wish I had a floofy tail like that! We have plenty of dust here.

  23. Your tail is not only floofy and beautiful, it’s a cleaning tool!

  24. Zoey, from behind and in that light, you look just like Grayson! His tail is always moving, too!

  25. Our momma wants to know how long it will take you to get over here to our house to clean the floors☺

  26. You are doing a great job!

  27. You’re doing a good job.

  28. Does your Mom hire you out?

  29. We all hope yoo is goin to get lots of treats fer dat hard work.

  30. GReat job! Can you come here?

  31. You’re so helpful! You’re lucky Everett doesn’t live with you or your tail would have been attacked. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  32. Zoey, mom wants to hire you to come and sweep all of our floors. She will pay very well in temptations!

  33. I hope you were well paid Zoey!

  34. You sure are good at that dusting thing, I totally agree, extra treats are definitely in order.

  35. Can yoo pop over to ours and dust after you’ve finished!

  36. Great job, Zoey! Mom wants to know if she can borrow you?

  37. Wowser you sure are good at that cleaning. I need to show that video to all the cats here and get them to work. Great teaching video. Thanks

  38. Wow! What a wonderful job you and your floofy tail are doing!

  39. You’re better than any Swiffer could ever be! 🙂

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