Aug 312009

Yesterday, me and Wally were sitting in the kitchen window
and look what we saw!


A hummingbird!!
That little birdie’s really fast…and thirsty!!


We made mom go outside and take this movie…


Poor hummer had to fight off the nasty bees!
But he still managed to get his fill!!

 Mom says the hummers are fueling up
before they start their journey south soon.
We’re gonna miss those little birdies when they go!!!


  40 Responses to “ManCats – Hummers!”

  1. What a cute little quick bird! And those bees are mean! We don’t have one of those feeders here—hmm. Maybe we’ll try. You got a great view!

  2. I wish they would fly down here…I LOVE hummingbirds! We tried putting out a feeder, but no one came:( Great video!

  3. Great videos! We love hummers! We had one get stuck in our garage a few weeks ago. We’ve got pictures, but mom still hasn’t posted about it! Maybe she will soon!

  4. What a fast little birdie! And cute too!

  5. I don’t get to see hummers often, but they are so fun!!!

    Pee Ess…The Wells Fargo Wagon is a song from one of moms favorite musicals “The Music Man”…everytime the UPS truck arrives she sings the song.
    Yes, my head is way better…never mix niptinis and blue tuna gizzies!

  6. We have a couple of hummers at the house too…they are lots of fun to watch. They like to buzz the window and taunt us!

  7. Wow he was fast and brave to take on those bees! The only birds we get in our garden our fat old woodpigeons and sqwarky crows. We even get Red Kites, large birds of prey with a 6ft wing span, who circle our neighbourhood. We keep away from those big birdies!

  8. I love hummingbirds! I haven’t seen them in a few years. Thanks for the great reminder! Great videos!

  9. Oh that was a lovely video to show us ~ we really enjoyed it. Hummers are very quick and very cute.

  10. Hummers are so neat. We didn’t have any hummer feeders the past few years since we moved, no where to hang them. Mommy likes the bracket you have, she may have to steal that idea! 😀

    Hope they get all fueled up before they head off south. Darn bees!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  11. Hummingbirds! How wonderful! We don’t have them in Europe, sadly…

    By the way, in response to your comment on our blog, YES they DO make the bandanas for cats too! You just specify the size of the collar. And they have some really cool kitty patterns!

  12. Ernie, when those hummers get down our way, we’ll be more than happy to watch them for you.


  13. Mom loves to watch the Hummers at her Mom’s house. We don’t have any feeders here. A family friend said the little hummers packed their bags and hitched a ride with the ducks that are flying south!

  14. Mom keeps saying she’ll get us a Hummingbird feeder Oneday. When is Oneday? It doesn’t ever seem to get here.

  15. I love watching the little hummers outside!

  16. That is so cool – we don’t have a hummingbird feeder but I always thougth it would be cool to get one. I don’t even know if we would have any visitors because I don’t know how common they are in our area – you guys are very lucky!

  17. What a cool little fellow. We don’t have those here. Mostly pigeons and sparrows. Oh,and woodpeckers!

  18. We have never seen Hummers. They are cute and very fast. We have got bird feeders outside our window too but none of them can move that quick.

  19. Pee Ess, mom says I can post some more about the Wells Fargo wagon on Wednesday to you can know ALL about it! Sometimes it even brings toys!

  20. Mean ol’ bees! The hummingbirdies are very cute.

  21. In our house has very hummingbirds ^^

  22. Wow he’s fast and brave to battle those bees,The only birds I see are pigeons.

  23. What wonderful movies and photos on your blog. We all enjoyed looking through many posts — and we LOVED the movies of the hummingbird. They really are fast, aren’t they? =)


  24. Oh those little hummers are so cute, I only got to see one once & it never came back to visit.

  25. Great videos dear friends!
    Adorable and smart bird!

  26. We love hummingbirds!
    They are fun to watch. I bet they would be fun to chase too!


  27. I love to watch hummingbirds and so does Ms Kitty! Kewl post ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. What a cutie! We don’t have small birdies visiting us – the big birdies (and me) frighten them away.

  29. I used to watch the hummers on my Butterfly Bush. I really miss my backyard garden paradise:( ~Crikey

  30. We try to get hummingbirds every year, but they never come visit us.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  31. We love those little fellas!

  32. They look YUMMY! Ahem… we mean, lovely!

  33. Wow! That is so cool! I wish I had some of those outside of my window!

  34. Oh how exciting. Nixon and Fatty love it when they see things out the window. They’ve seen birds, other cats, and bunnies.

  35. Now that is real Cat TV! Those birdies are fun to watch!

  36. That’s a great feeder! What a cute little bird.

  37. Oh! They are so very purrty! I wish I had a hummingbird feeder to watch!

  38. Are they coming here? I’ll look out for them!

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