Easy E Sunday

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Aug 302009


The weather’s been cool all weekend…’specially in the morning.
So I’m gonna stay here under the covers…
‘cuz it’s warm!

 Hey, mom!  If you wanna make the bed,
you’re gonna hafta wait awhile…

maybe a loooooong while!!!


  36 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Hey Ernie, you look so comfy and warm there. What a good way to spend a chilly Sunday!

  2. Nice tunnel you’ve got going there Ernie. We’ll be right over!

  3. I think Mom should just crawl back in bed with you & relax!

  4. You look all warm and cosy there. When can we come over?

  5. Enjoy the cool weather and your nest on the bed!

  6. This is a gorgeous photo of you Ernie 🙂

  7. Ah, Sunday morning……sleepin’ under the covers……darn, not cool enough yet! Looks like we have one more very warm day. Ernie your eyes match the covers=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  8. Great cozy spot, and mom says that comforter looks very pretty!

  9. You look sooooooo comfy, Ernie

  10. That looks like a super comfy spot. We support you thoroughly in your decision to stay under the covers:)

  11. Ernie, you look quite comfy there. Good plan to stay there all day. We agree, with all the nappin’ going on in the CB today, a huge nap pile sounds like the perfect idea!! 😀

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  12. You’re so cute under the covers!

  13. Hey are you supposed to make those things?

  14. You definitely have the right idea, Ernie! I like your style!



  15. You’d make a very cute bump under the bedspread!

  16. Ernie, you just take as long as you like. Your Mom will wait! That comforter is purrfect with your golden eyes!

  17. It’s getting cooler here, too. Only 98 today (well better than the 105 the other day). Still not blankie weather but a bit better.
    I hear you look extremely comfy and tucked in (remember, I’m blind teehee) and I sure wouldn’t mind visiting and getting some of that nice n cool sleepin weather, too.

  18. It’s cool here too so we’re doing exactly the same thing today! Enjoy your naps!

  19. That is a very smart way to stay warm!

  20. Ernie you look so comfy in da bed, a great way to spend a Sunday and keep warm.

    Come to our blog, we gave you an award.

    Moe, Mindy, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  21. Hi Ernie, oh, that looks snug! Hmmm, we’re sure there’s just enough room for two warm, cosy little Schnauzers to just bury right in there with you and join you in a lovely, warm and cosy snooze! Oh by the way Ernie, you look very handsome against that white backdrop!! Schnauzer snuggles JD and Max.

  22. Hi Ernie…go job claiming the bed before Mom could make it up. I do that sometimes too. Mom says I look so cute she lets me stay where I am leaving the bed unmade. This is a big deal because SHE always makes up the bed.

  23. Mom says she is secretly happy when we stay in bed under the covers since it’s a good excuse to never make the bed! You look very comfy today!

    Pee Ess…it was fun playing THoE with you today!

  24. Well, beds are made for sleeping in, after all!

  25. enjoying your weekend i see

  26. No use making the bed when it’s still in use. Right Ernie?

  27. Ernie
    YOU had the best idea of all for today.


  28. I don’t see why beds ever have to be made
    you have beautiful eyes

  29. How did that lump get in the bed?

  30. OH how comfy you look.

  31. That looks real comfy! Can we share your bed?

  32. oh so cute!I need to learn how to say it to my mommy as well!She seems so busy in the mornings, running to set up things here at the room and wow…take it easy mommy because the bed looks so comfy! 🙂
    Cool post
    purrs and love

  33. Does your mum love it when you help her make the bed? Mine does.

  34. Stay warm my friend 🙂
    its always the best for us cats,
    take a nap and sweet dreams ….

  35. aaa… you look so nice cozy and comfortable… enjoy!

    bozoPet Pride

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