Torbie Tuesday

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Aug 252009


Uh oh!  I am SO busted!  I got caught playing with those boycats’ nip nanner!  And after I made that big stink about their nanner being so gross looking!  I couldn’t help myself!!  There it was…calling to me!!!  I just hadta play with it!!!  Ernie and the orange stripey cat are really peeved at me for playing with theirs…’specially since I got a new one of my own.  But, y’know what??  I’m too nipped out right now to even care….

While I sleep this off, why dontcha go over to House Panthers and see what Ernie’s doing today??  Click HERE!!!


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  1. Our nanner looks just as gross as Wally and Ernie’s does! Right down to the drool mark on the end!

    You’re right about being busted though, Zoey…photographic evidence doesn’t lie!

  2. You are inspiring mom to take a picture of our nip nanner…all gross and everything. She usually only takes pictures when they are nice and new and clean, but once they have bitey marks, drool and dirt on them she’s kind of embarrassed to show them. Now I can see that it just looks like a very loved nanner….purrrr.

  3. We’re sure you were framed…someone put that there while you were sleeping and then took a photo… MOL (And boy is that scratcher box tore up! Hahaha!)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  4. That narna looks pretty gross to us, but we love gross things, the smellier the better.

  5. There’s still a lot of life left in that nip nanner. Zoey, not so much. It’s powerful stuff!

  6. Oh, Zoey, you are busted, but a girl has right to change her mind. You keep the new one nice and fresh while still playing with the boys’ old one.


  7. Zoey, we can tell you enjoyed the nip. Photos can be staged. Just cause the boys nanner is in the picture does not mean you put it there!

  8. Looks like you got so nipped out, you fell asleep with the evidence! You musta really had a good time with their nip naner!
    Our naner looks like that too!

  9. You look like you are in total bliss, my friend!

  10. Just tell them you were not playing with it, you were just cleaning it up a bit for them!

  11. oh my friend, what a great catnap.
    You and your banana are so cool!

  12. That looks like cat nip heaven right there.

  13. Zzzzzzzz…

  14. Wow! I like so much your “scratch loungue” hahaha!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my birthday post. We continue without internet connection in home… grrrr…

    Purrrrs to you all.

  15. Oh ! You’re so cute ^^

  16. Oh U B Zonked out fur sure!!!

  17. Hehehehe, Zoey you’re the coolest torbie!

  18. You’re cute even when all nipped out!!!!!!


  19. We have 2 nip bananas – one is as gross as the one you borrowed from the boys (it went into the water bowl at one point) and one is, well honestly, missing. But it is probably just as gross. I am pretty sure that at least with the boys, they like it gross.

  20. Zoey, we can see it in your almost-closed eyes that you are really out of it! Well, as long as you enjoyed yourself, you can argue with that!

  21. Oh yeah, it’s certainly obvious you were sure enjoying the boys nip nanner!

  22. I think you look like you had a really good time!

  23. Oh I think that nip nanner looks purrfect.

  24. That nip nanner does look like it’s seen better days.

  25. Thanks for helping us celebrate our 2nd Blogoversary 🙂
    Hahahahahahaha! It’s Ok Zoey!!!
    Catnip does that to all of us 😉
    Just enjoy it!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  26. Oh Zoey you can play with anything you like.

  27. I can see you look very satisfied!!

  28. Being nipped out is the best! You look so cool in that photo!

  29. Enjoy your nip assisted snooze, Zoey:)

  30. That nip nanner looks like something I’d like to steal…and you sure are cute in that photo.

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