Aug 192009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

 (with special guest star Zoey!)


I’m not coming down from here
until that She Devil Zoey stops staring at me!!


Look at her there…giving me the stink-eye!!
She just won’t quit!!!


I think I’m gonna be up here for a long, long time!!


  44 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. At least you can keep tabs on everyone from up there, and you look nice and comfortable. (And sorry, but we have to say that Zoey is very cute giving the stink-eye).

  2. You look very comfy up there Wally. Is that where you stash all your treasures?
    your friend,

  3. Do you think your mum will give you dinner up there?

  4. You better stay comfy, Wally! Zoey doesn’t look like she’s relenting anytime soon!

  5. LOL! Uh oh…..stuck on top of the cabinets. Been there. I get stuck up there a lot when Ferris is bothering me.

  6. Looks like a comfortable place to spend the day, so I suppose it’s not that bad.

  7. Zoey…you silly stink eye girl! Well Wally, that is an awesome place to hang out all day! Maybe you can get food delivered up there?

  8. Hey, we were beginning to think we were the only top-of-the-kitchen-cabinet cats! Don’t worry, Wally, Zoey will give up eventually and in the meantime, you can nap the afternoon away.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  9. We’re wondering if you’ve got a poo box up there … espeshully if yoo might be there a long time! Tee hee!

  10. She Devil! he he he. Zoey, you be nice to poor little Wally, k?

  11. Are you under the paw, Wally? Hahaha!

  12. Is it fun up there? We don’t have any high spaces like that!

  13. Hey guys,
    I’m Genghis Khat come to visit you. I want to thank you all so much for coming by my blog and leaving my family and I such nice words of encouragement and support for us in our time of mourning for my brofur Dale.
    I was so blown away by all the kind wishes from so many fine felines and their families. I never knew that there were so many other fine cats out there in blogland.
    Pellie and I are such newbs when it comes to how to use a computer – we really don’t get around to much; don’t understand about book face and don’t know how to twitter, but then I digress.
    Thanks again for coming by I really appreciated it.
    Pellie & Sir Knight

  14. We think that you got the worst of the deal. How you gonna use the litter box or get your Temptations?

  15. At least the top of your cupboards looks comfy. Is she giving you that look because you up there and she’s not?

  16. Wow that is a really high spot! Maybe she was just wondering how to get up there and join you.

  17. We think she was just wishing she could be up there too…….
    great pictures……

  18. That’s the best spot for us furocious mancats to rule our kingdom.


  19. I loved the last pic !
    Is so cute ^^

  20. someone needs to throw a tem-tay-shun and distract her.

  21. Some of my boys like the top of the cabinets…it was always Mojo’s mad spot. You knew if something was bothering him cause you’d find up on top! Devon likes to run and frolic up there when he is frisky. Depending on which ones he gets on, he can’t get down…so he has to whine until someone helps him!

  22. Awww poor Wally/

  23. AWWW!!! how could you think she giving the stink eye, is the LOVE eye I reckon!

  24. wow I love doing it as well! What a great day dear friend and I’m here like Zoe, very enchanted!
    purrs and love

  25. Hi Wally. Gee, you have just given me a great idea!


  26. Stink eye? Naw, it’s the eye of love!

    We have a very sick little cat at home. Purr for us?

  27. Wally, yer lucky ta have space over yer cabinets. Ours just have ceiling on top of them!

  28. Wally, dude, you’ve got the high ground here, so you’re in the, um, catbird seat. Zoey better watch out for you!

  29. She is just jealous cause you got the top spot!!!

  30. Hmmm, girls can be moody…did she ever go away?

  31. I wonder who can last longer without going to eat or to their box? Could be a long night up there Wally!

  32. Around here we call that the hairy eyeball look!

  33. HA! How did you get UP there? And ya know, Zoey was probably more jealous than anything!! You had a cool view–and she didn’t!

  34. Wow! I am very impressed by Zoey’s very effective use of the stink-eye. I am definitely going to try it on my brother.

  35. Wally I wish I had a place like that to hang out on!


  36. Oopsss…………
    It looks a little dangerous but you are looking cool Zoey 🙂
    Great shots !!

  37. I think you just like being up high looking down on efurryone, Wally! Zoe’s not giving you the stink-eye! That’s a look of wonderment, if efur I saw one!

  38. Ooh! But that is sure a cute stink eye!

  39. Poor Wally, but that look on Zoey’s face is just priceless.

  40. You sure are up high there. How did you get up there?

  41. How’d you get way up there?

  42. We see your humans keep that spot free from knicknacks so you can lounge up there…that’s nice!

  43. Wally, how do you get up there? Zoey’s a ‘she devil’? I had no idea! :-0

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