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Aug 162009


Y’know…I’m taking it easy today.  The hots are back… so mom turned on the cold air blower.  Which means all the windows are closed.  That’s the trade off, I guess…if you wanna be cool, you can’t have the windows open.  Not when the hots are here.  But, boy, that cold air sure feels good! 

Oh yeah, my allergies are back, too…if you look real close you can see my bottom lip’s a little swollen.  Kinda makes it look like I’m pouting.  Mom says it makes me look cute.  Whatever.  It’s okay…it doesn’t really hurt much or anything…and it’ll go away in about a week or so….

Yep, it’s a take it easy kinda day.  I think I’ll sleep 20 hours today instead of my usual 16…


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  1. I’m not going to lie, I was expecting some old school gangster rap in this post. ;P

    Hopefully those allergies clear up for ya! Feel better, Ernie. ((Hugs))

  2. Ernie: looks like you have the same idea as ME! On my blog, you asked If I’d like to join you…..YES. We got Sunday just the way we want it!


  3. You are adorable sleepings there in the cool; we hope your allergies go away soons; purrs!

  4. I do see your swollen lip! I hope it goes away quickly…..are you able to eat treats ok?

  5. Ernie, you are so a cool dude! We are sorry to hear your allergies are acting up. Another reason just to chillax today.

  6. hope your swollen lip goes away soon!

  7. I’ll be purring that your allergies go away soon! Stay cool…our hots are coming back starting tomorrow so no open windows for us either.

  8. The hots…gotta’ hate em. No deck time, no open windows…bleh!
    I hope your lip gets better soon!

  9. Oh, Ernie! What a great picture! Your Mom is right, the bottom lip makes you look even cuter but we hope the allergies go away soon

  10. Enjoy your nap and the cold air.

  11. We are sorry about your allergies. Rosemary JOY’s allergies came back this summer, too, but purr-ty soon they should be goin’ away cuz fall will be here.

  12. Ernie, you look so relaxed and comfy there. I hope your lip clears up soon. I got a swollen lip once, but it wasn’t from allergies, it was from a bone infection (at least that’s what the V E T my Mom took me to at the time said). It took awhile to clear that up, but it’s all better now.

  13. Sorry to hear about your allergies, Ernie! We did notice the lip, but thought it was just because of how you were laying, making it pooch out like that. You do look like you’re pouting, cute boy! 😉 We got the hots here, too, which kinda sucks. Ah well, whatta ya gonna do in August in Texas…

    Bugsy’s posted another update today, he’s doing fine and adjusting to his cone. Thanks for stopping by and lifting his spirits on Friday! The Mommy says she doubts she’ll get Bugsy a patch, ‘cuz she’s not much into dressing us in clothes and hats and things….but maybe… 😉

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew and The Mommy

  14. I hope you alergies clear up soon xxx

  15. I’ll keep it down then.

  16. Sam: We definitely understand the hots, Ernie…..we live deep in the heart of Texas and have had the hots for what seems like years already, but Mommy tells us it’s only been four months since we had to turn on the air conditioner full time.

    Andy: We all hope your allergies get better really soon…..we see Mommy suffer with them, so know they are no fun.

    Mommy: You remind me a lot of Sam…….do you suppose you are related? And you are sooooooooooo cute with that swollen lip…..:)

  17. I’m sorry about your swollen lip. What are you allergic to? Enjoy your relaxing Sunday.

  18. I like the cool wether cuz we git the windows open too. That undercover mousie wuz neet and yoo did gud chasin it. We play undercover mommy a lot but her battries run out beforr we’re done playin. She duzzint like playin it with Spencer as much cuz he bites too hard. He’s jes a kitten so we are teechin him he duzzint haff to be so feerse. He gives me hard biteys too and I haff to yell at him.

  19. I don’t even get an open window when it’s cool. Mom says she doesn’t trust the screens.

  20. I hope that you feel better! You certainly are cute though.

  21. Sounds good to me zzzzz Enjoy the sleep.. Hope the lip is better soon, and it does look cute..

    Hugs GJ xx

  22. Glad to see you relaxing all day long! Adorable shot!
    purrs and love

  23. The same here with the hots. Windows closed, cold air blowy thing working.

  24. Oh Ernie, allergies are no fun! I hope your lip is all better soon.

  25. We don’t like closed windows either but we do like the cold air blowing. Hope your allergies clear up and your lip gets better soon!

  26. Ernie, I am taking it easy today too, but because it is stormy. I sure hope your allergies get better soon, and even though your lip doesn’t hurt much, I don’t want it to hurt at all! Take care bud!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  27. We hope your allergies are soon better and you don’t have to pout any more.

  28. We hope your allergies get better fast! Though it is kind of cute!

    It is hot here too!

  29. Ernie, we agree with you about taking things easy today. We’re glad you don’t have a fat lip because of a beef with another Island Cat.

  30. It was hot enough here for the cold box to be on too!!!!
    Hot is OK,but that sticky heat is no fun.
    We did lots of snoozing too. Life is great for we kitties 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  31. Oh boy, a swollen lip is not good 🙁 We have the hots here but almost always keep the windows shut due to my bad allergies. Sunny’s Daddy recently had a reaction working outside doing yard/gardening work 🙁 It’s not fun dealing with allergies!!

  32. Ernie we are sorry about you allergies coming back. That swollen lip looks uncomfy so take it easy and rest up. Purrs.

  33. I hope you take this awfull hillness away very soon.

    ViVi & AB

  34. Feel better!!!

  35. Man! I wanna be an Island Cat, too. Dang.

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