Aug 102009


Hey, Wally!
That’s not how you play with Undercover Mouse!
You’re not supposed to lay on it!!

 Ernie, I’m just making sure I’m ready
when it starts running!!


Now how does this thing turn on???


  35 Responses to “ManCats – Undercover Mouse”

  1. Man that looks like a fun toy!

  2. Have you caught that mousie yet? He is very fast!

  3. We really wanna get one of those!

  4. The undercover mouse looks like a lot of fun! Good to sleep on too, apparently!

  5. We know how you feel, Ernie. We have a big fat tortie around here that likes to sit on all our toys!

  6. What a cool looking toy!

  7. That looks like fun.I think I’m going to ask mom for some new toys.

  8. That looks like fun!!

  9. Such a fun toy ~ we started whining for one already!

  10. Hey, sometimes you just gotta rest and sit on the toy for awhile. I do a lot of sitting on toys these days.

  11. We keep tellin da mom we wants one of dem and she says dat we wud play wif it fer a few days den ferget bout it. True but we still wants one!!

  12. Each to his own! It looks like a really fun toy!

  13. That looks like a fab toy! Of course what’s the point in having a fab toy like that if you cannot lay on it?

    Thomas, Charlie and Lola x

  14. I might have to look at getting one of those too, pretty cool toy!!!

  15. Catch it! Catch it! I’ll come help!!!

  16. That toy looks like it’s loads of fun.

  17. Looks like lots of fun. Do you ever get curious and go under it?

  18. Laying on it looks comfy…but did you actually play with it yet to see if it’s any fun? We’ve just started seeing this toy all over the bloggiesphere, we may have to start pestering The Mommy for one! (Peer pressure for kitties…MOL!)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  19. Catch de mouse Wally! Catch em.

  20. Wally, that mouse doesn’t stand a chance with you ready for it!

  21. I hope you can make it work =)

  22. Phew…at first we thought that was a UFO and you guys were being abducted by aliens!

  23. That looks like super fun about to begin..

    Hugs GJ x

  24. Yes, if they could only learn to turn it on by themselves, it would be the purrfect toy! Your boys look interested in it even when it’s not in motion!

  25. Poised for action AND napping! I like a cat who can multitask.

  26. Sometimes toys can be a little bit complicated!

  27. Thanks for remembering my birthday. It made my birthday very special to be remembered by my friends.

    Mommy’s still having issues with the new computer. And she’s being L A Z Y. I hardly see my beloved camera anymore 🙁

    All of us are meowing at her to post regularly for us again. So far she’s agreed to do one post a week. One! Can you imagine?! But the Big Meany is not in any upcoming posts. HA HA HA

  28. We looked it up! It looks like great fun. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of them fail an hafta be returned.

    We hope they get it werkin right cause we really really want one!

  29. Looks like a tent to me. Hope you can get it working.

  30. * wooo weeeeee *
    We want one of those!


  31. I’d lay on it too!!

  32. HEEHEE!! Wally plays to win!!!

  33. Ha! Ha! Very good job! I think that mousie was hiding from you!

  34. I bet that it is a great toy to lay on when you aren’t using it! I think it is ok as long as it isn’t on – if it is comfy then go for it!!

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