Aug 042009


Hmmm…what do we have here??

 I dunno if I should whap it
or put the bitey on it!!


 Go see what I put the bitey on over at House Panthers!
Click HERE!!


  35 Responses to “Torbie Tailsday!”

  1. We don’t think you should do either, Ernie! It might be dangerous!

  2. You’re a brave man, Ernie! If Zoey is anything like Deli, you better put the bitey and then runnnnn!

  3. We agree, Ernie, you should just try your best to ignore the very tempting tail. Look away!

  4. Hey—how did they do that???

  5. Oh, I don’t know…I couldn’t resist a really nice whap!

  6. I think you should whap it & see what happens:)

  7. Hmmmm. that floofy tail is just teasing you.

  8. That looks very whappable!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. That could be a bad move be careful….

    Hugs GJ xxx

  10. We think whichever one you choose, you could be in trouble!

  11. Ernie, we vote whap. Bitey could backfire on you!

  12. I don’t think that is a good idea! You must be feeling better!

  13. I would bite–but that’s just me…

  14. Uh oh, I think I’d stick with the pink pillow toy if I were you.

  15. We all agree – WHAP!

  16. We vote for whapping it!!!!!!

  17. First you grabs it in your mighty paws, and then you puts the bitey on it! She’s asking for it, Ernie!

  18. ERM … the trubble with whapping or putting the bitey on is yoo can get retaliation! I’d be careful unless yoo can run vey fast indeed!

  19. Whap it! I saw what you did over at the House Panthers! Tee Hee

  20. Well, in our house she would be asking for a bitey by swinging that tempting, tempting tail around. Now, I am not saying a bitey is a good idea (probably not) but I am just saying that in my house it would happen. It would start a fight, but it would happen!

  21. Is this a toy ?

  22. Go on! Whap it! We dare you.

  23. I agree with Eric and Flynn.

  24. It’s a very difficult decision….hmmm.. I would whap it!


  25. uh oh. i want to see the aftermath of whatever decision you made…

  26. We think it all depends on how long you want to live Ernie!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  27. Better be careful, Ernie! It could bite back!

  28. You did a good bitey on the toy at the Panther House, but we’re not so sure that would be a good idea on Zoey’s tail. We hope you survived, whatever your decision was!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  29. Do both and runnnnnnnnnn!!!

  30. You did a good bitey on that toy. Looks like something very interesting to grab a hold of.
    Harry the kitten

  31. We vote for none of the above. That floofy thing might be attached to something with teeth too.

  32. That is strange looking! What is it? Part of a kitty tail! I would be careful before biting it! It might bite back!!!

  33. hahaha very funny, I loved this idea!

  34. It looks like a abandoned furry toy, so we would bite it. At least that would be our claim…

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