Dec 292007

The Island Cats enjoy the holidays.  They really like having a tree in their living room (even if it isn’t real).


I, on the otherhand, don’t like having to redecorate the tree almost every day because they think the ornaments are toys. 🙂 Nor do I like the fact that Ernie thinks climbing the tree is fun.  (I think we’ll need a new tree next year.)  Wally has decided that under the tree is the “purr”fect place to take a nap.


What did Santa Paws bring the Island Cats this year?  Well, they are already spoiled enough.  But Santa did bring them the Scratch Lounge, a three-sided box made out of corrugated cardboard.  Cats are suppose to like scratching the cardboard.  Ernie hasn’t shown much interest in it…he sniffed it a bit in the beginning only because I rubbed the cardboard with catnip.  However, Wally really likes the Scratch Lounge.  He scratches it and lounges in it (guess its name is appropriate!).  Here are some photos of Wally with his present:



All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas for the Island Cats.

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