Aug 022009


Our power went out early this morning…
and just now came back on!!

Mom’s been discombobulated all day
‘cuz she didn’t have her morning coffee
and she couldn’t do the laundry and stuff…

I told her she should be more like us cats…
We don’t need no electricity!!

Uh, Ernie…you need electricity to run the computer
so you can blog and visit your furiends…

RATS!!  She’s right…guess we do need electricity…

(I hate it when she’s right…)


  33 Responses to “Not So Easy E Sunday”

  1. Tell Mom dat she should of took da laptop to McDonalds. She could of had one of those yummy McCafe drinks and you could of had da fish burger and a strawberry milkshake.

    da Ozark kitties with strawberry milkstashes

  2. Ahhh…that pesky need for electricity! Glad you got it back on! I get bummed if it goes off then I can’t watch Andy Griffith!

  3. We just hate it when the power goes out!! We are glad you have power and are connected to all of us now!! Have a wonderful rest of the day!
    Your FL furiends,

  4. Our Mom was shopping in a mall this afternoon, and the power went out! It must be catching!

  5. Hehe! mum loves that word! We had electric but we didn’t have any internet connection this morning. We don’t know why, but it came back on it’s own. Mum was glad about that cuz it is such a performance ringing aol.

  6. Ah yes, the ol’ take the laptop to Starbucks trick will work…she can get coffee and hook up to the internet! We wouldn’t want to be around mom if she didn’t get her coffee. We have a back up system…gas stove and a french press. She’s ok as long as she has a match and doesn’t run out of beans.

  7. Looks like mom had the last word!

    The keys is for our mom to learn to relax like us. I hope your electricity stays on.

  8. Hmm, I think your mummy should get a bunch of mice to run on treadmills to power the place… serve double purpose, power and NOMing!!!

  9. Ugh! That is so frustrating! We’re glad your power is back on!

  10. Moms are always right.

    Cept when they’re wrong. hehe

  11. No electricity really is stink-o, Ernie! Whitey haz been there, done that. Yay for being back on!

  12. Oh no! That sounds terrible! Did you have some bad storms?

  13. We lost electricity for 9 hours last weekend and our mommy just about went bonkers. We thought it was a great time for her to spend it playing with us though since she couldn’t do anything else!

  14. I’m so glad your electricity came back. You don’t really realize how much you use something, until it’s not available.

  15. Ooooooh! I hate it when that happens if only because it puts mom in a really bad mood and she’s no fun at all! Glad all is back to normal — whatever that is!

    Sniffs and tail wags,

    Sam Schnauzer and Mojo

  16. We don’t like it when the power is out, either! WE know how your mom feels!

  17. Bummer about the electricity. Glad it came back on though!

    Luf, Us

  18. Oh dear. I hate it when the power goes out. Ours has stayed on but our cable has been having problems lately.

  19. Mum doesn’t worry when the power goes away. The guy next door is the fix it guy and it is never off for long!

  20. Ernie, you look like one konked out kitty!

  21. Oh geez you scared us, we thought Ernie had gotten sick. *whew* We’re sorry the ‘lectricity was off most of the day, but glad that’s all it was and that it’s back on now!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  22. thank Cod it’s back on!

  23. Perfect excuse to go out and shop, have coffee and be lazy in general.

  24. Humans are funny…. they need all that electronic stuff… but we are just fine without it!

  25. What a nuisance. We are happy that your power has returned!

  26. you need some electricity to pick you up from yoru snooze, I think?

  27. Git a generator!

  28. Ernie havn’t you learnt yet that mums are always right.. MOL Well they think they are..

    Love the picture and glad mum got her coffee..

    Hugs GJ x

  29. We’re glad the power came on ~ but doesn’t her compooter have a battery? That would provide at least an hour blogging time ~ and it would take her mind off not having coffee!!! LOL!

  30. Yikes! Our humans get all upset when that happens here. Our mom bought Sterno and an stove percolator just in case because our dad cannot function without coffee!

  31. That’s my favorite position too Ernie! And you’re right…no electricity needed for us cats!
    your pal,

  32. I can sympathize – our electricity goes out all the time. We have bad infrastructure so it can go out even when it is a nice day! It is very frustrating!

  33. Dat is no funs you has to be ables to blog and sees your furriends! I hopes it was an easy Sunday after all dat though.


    Baby Patches

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