Jul 302009


So my screen climbing antics yesterday
got me into a little trouble.

Now I’m a wanted cat…
My punishment??
A nail clipping!!

 I’ll be hiding out out under the bed…


  40 Responses to “In Trouble on Thursday”

  1. Uh oh…and there’s no denying it. We’ve all seen the video. I think you should just turn yourself in and accept the punishment Wally. It’s easier that way. I got my nails clipped yesterday. It’s not so bad.

  2. You can come and hide out at my place Wally.

  3. Clippy Clawrs? That duz not seem very fair, Wally. After all, you would not punish SuperMan for being able to fly, would you? Then why would they punish SpiderCat for being able to climb?

  4. Yikes! We had the same punishment, Wally! We’d offer a safe haven over at our house, but it’s far from safe! Our Mom is a nail clipper monster

  5. Our Mom has been saying she needs to do clippy claws on us too. We’re pretty good about it, but we do fight her a bit.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Oh no, we don’t like nail clippings at all!! Find a good place to hide, Wally!

  7. Ohhhh, poor Wally. Boogie mat on over to our place, our Mommy has no idea how to do the nail clipping so you’d be safe here!

    Hey, we have an award for you cats today on our bloggie, come by and see when you have a chance! 🙂

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. Wanna no how bad my day’s been so far? I hadta got the VET for my annual jab (ouchy) and then the VET clipped my nails (more ouchy). I dunno wot I even did wrong. At least you wrecked the screen door. I did nuffin.

    Milo xx

  9. We just watched the video – too funny! Tasha trashed every single screen in the house when she was younger and the humans are too lazy to replace them, so we don’t get in much trouble for doing that. Plus we have found that as we get larger we can rip really huge holes in the screen without even trying (it’s fun!) We’re sorry about the claw clip though!

  10. My momma and I got the clippy claw punishment just a couple of days ago! Our offense? Inadvertent ouchies on mom when trying to love her up? How fair is that?

    With that video Wally there’s no denying it. We feel your pain. I’d say you could hide out here but my mom’s got clippers too and she knows how to use them. And dad’s no help. He holds us!

  11. Clippy claws are no fun. Siena is spared from it as she likes to climb trees outside and mom doesn’t want her to fall off. But I had my claws clipped three times already! Not fair!
    Purrs, Chilli

  12. Oh no! I have a ham to help afterwards… I hate nail trims.

  13. Our Mom says there is not enough humans in the house to clippy claws. We fight like wild cats! We would be hiding, too!

  14. It was worth it Wally cuz you sure were entertaining!
    your pal,
    p.s. you could always come over here & hide out with me…I’ve got lots of secret spots!

  15. Oh no Wally! Clippy Clawrs! Not fair, I bet you can run faster than Mommy.


  16. You were framed Wally! We saw the video but somebean was outside and made you climb that screen! You didn’t get a fair trial and the punishment doesn’t fit the crime! You need to appeal! Either that or run when your mommy comes with the clippers!

  17. Oh nail clippings are no fun! I hate having to do them at our house. It makes me so nervous. At least that is your only punishment – your mom could have taken away toys or treats – that would have been awful!

  18. Poor Wally! Such an unfair punishment! You were only doing what come naturally to you. It’s all very “unclawed” for as far as I’m concerned!

  19. Oh, I’m so sorry! I had such fun watching you. Pooh.

  20. Oh! Sure, do this!
    I hate cutting my nails =x

  21. Poop copiously while getting clipped. That’ll make ’em think twice about repeating this endeavor. Or they’ll get you declawed. Truly, it’s a crap-shoot… 😉

  22. I believe that is a picture of my cat…..he’s done that a million times to my scream door!!!

  23. you didn’t do it!! I saw you… um… not do it.

  24. Not that we’re interested, but is there a reward offered for your capture? We’re just wondering…

  25. Hey yer screens is real strongs. If we trys climbings or pawings at anything on ours it leaves a big hole. Our hooman was not thrilleds when we swat at flys up real highs and get our feets stuck in the holes! we got clipped nails too =(

  26. Say it ain’t so Wally!
    NOt the dreaded nail clipper….


  27. Keep out of the way friend.. I never got my nails clipped but I dont like the sound of it.. No way… Hide good…

    Hugs GJ xx

  28. Oh poor Wally! Never mind, they’ll soon grow back. The video was great, it gave me a much-needed giggle!

    Thanks for your kind comment. 🙂 xxx

  29. Oh no! Not the dreaded nail clippers. We have never had it done, but it sounds scary.

  30. If I hear anything important, like they are on to your hiding place, I’ll give you a shout.

  31. Oops! Need a place to hideout for a few days? *purrs, Redfurd*

  32. It’s so wrong!!! Nooooooo!

  33. Have a good hide!!!

  34. Hey Wally, just the kitty I need! Come right over and help me to destroy the screen for a getaway. Then, hide and stay the night – I need help in the Kitty Fight Club meeting that is scheduled tonight at my driveway.

    Pssst, not a mieow to the beans, ok?

  35. Wally, you’re my hero! I loved the video of you climbing the screen door.

  36. I know where your coming from on this, Wally. I hate, Hate, HATE claw trims and usually Mom only gets one or two toes done before I make my escape! Is there room under the bed for me?

    Max S

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