Jul 292009

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

So, you’ve all seen this…


Me hanging on the screen door…

Now see me in action!!!


I hafta admit…
going up is easier than coming down!!!


  43 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh my goodness, Wally! You tried so hard that I hope the humans let you get out for a moment or two!

  2. You know Wally, my Aunt Tabitha used to run down the hallway at top speed and launch herself at the screen door as high as she could. Sometimes if it wasn’t shut properly she’d go flying through the air!

  3. Wally those are some rockin’ muscles you got goin’ there!

  4. Oh Wally, you made us laugh so much! We do that too and we’ve broken the screen! Your legs look so strong!

  5. Dat looks fun! We dun has one of those climby fings tho.

  6. Haha! You climb that screen door really well, Wally! But yeah, once you’re at the top, then what do you do? Had to stop and think… We wish we had screen doors to climb!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. I wish I had the screen door so I could try some of your techniques!

  8. you deserve treats for that!

  9. Wally that was a great movie. You looked like a huge ginger possum.

    Does you want me to send wirecutters?

    Poppy Q

  10. WOW! That was the bestest video ever! We loved it! And the sound effect were great too. We loved seeing all that ginger floof and muscle in action. Wally you ROCK!

  11. Spiderkitty! Way to go, Wally:)

  12. Wally, you’re a furry good screen climber! Look at you go!

  13. Wally, you are a very good climber. I wish I was as athletic as you are.


  14. Forever Foster is right! SpiderCat! You are a new superhero. Will there be a full length feature film in your future?

  15. Oh, Wally, just where did you think you were going? hahaha! You just crack us up!

  16. Haha! That was good climbing Wally, but when you get up there, you just have to come down again.

  17. SpiderCat, SpiderCat, duz whatever a SpiderCat duz!

    Wally, the sound effects were incredible! It wuz like I wuz right there, dude!

  18. OMG ! Spider cat ?
    Or, are you planning only escape?

  19. You are one great athlete.

  20. Yes, Wally is indeed very deft at going up, but coming down is more complicated because he can’t see where he is at any given time! Well done, Wally!

  21. Great video Wally – too bad you didn’t get to escape! We love to stop by to see what you have been up to! Never a dull moment with you guys!

  22. You are so busted Wally. You actually look like a monkey climbing that screen! Too funny!
    your pal,

  23. Wally, you are some kind of climber!

  24. Wow you are clever. You deserve to go out for a while after that.. Hugs GJ xx

  25. (clapclapclapclapclap) Excellent work, Wally…just excellent! Mom’s always complaining about claw marks in our screens, too.

  26. Excellent! We just tore apart the screen on our window and both escaped through it. Mom is investigating stronger material. How on earth does this screen support your claws?!

  27. That was hilarious, Wally! You have very well-developed leggies. I guess from all that climbing!

  28. We had a regular visitor (The Big Thing’s parents cat Jeremy) who used ta climb the outside of the screen. He ripped it up so bad that mosquitoes got inside. TBT wasnt real happy about that. Actually, we werent much happy about that either. We get bit enough outside. We haf a new screen now…

  29. That is talent! it looks fun!

  30. Wally
    YOO da man!
    *woo hoo*
    I’d better not let Ping see this or else he may be climbing the screen porch walls which are made of that same screen!


  31. This should be called Wow’s with Wally – because wow did you go high up!

  32. Wow, you are furry muscular Wally! And a good climber! I don’t do climbing. We don’t have screen doors in the UK so us Brit kitties have no opportunity to try climbing on them.

  33. Oh my gosh! You are quiet a professional screen climber! We are very impressed.

  34. Wally, you’re really showing off some muscles there! I don’t know how happy Dad would be if we tried that trick, though.

  35. Way to go Wally!!! King of the Screen.

  36. That is awesome!!! I bet you get a good look at things by climbing up there!

  37. That’s pretty good! My mom doesn’t have any screens for me to climb.

  38. You are really talented, Wally! You should be on the big screen. Get it? Heehee

  39. Those Mancatly legs really can climb!! We’re impressed.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  40. You sure are muscle-y Wally! What a great climber!

  41. Claps paws! Go for the top!!!

  42. That was very impressive climbing, Wally! I can’t do that, ’cause I don’t have toenails, so climb once for me, will ya?

  43. Yep … we don’t haff many screens left in our windows … but we’re not talkin’ about it! ;o)

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