Jul 272009

We’re celebrating Christmas in July!!  We were paired up with the Ozark Mountain Cats…8 kitties that live with their biped in Mizzura (as the locals there like to call it).


Hey, this is a pretty big box they sent us!
C’mon…open it already!!!


Look at all these presents in here!!!


I kinda like the box!!


Wow!  They sent us lots of fun stuff…
a lazer toy and a catnip ball…
some treats and stinky goodness
including a 3 course Christmas in July dinner!
And look!!  Undercover Mouse!!!  Whoohoo!!

Hey..waydaminute…what’s this red thingie??
You aren’t gonna make us wear this, are you mom??

Well, Wally…I think it would be nice if you all just tried it on…


Hey, mom!  You even got a pretty Christmas wall hanging!!
I better check to make sure nothing’s hiding under here…

Okay…time to try on the Santa Hat…

 Awwww…do we hafta???


I’m SO embarrassed!
I just lost all credibility in the Cat Blogosphere!!


Get…this…thing…off…of…me!  NOW!!


I will not cooperate!!!

 Oh, you were such good sports!  Now you can play with Undercover Mouse!!

It’s about time after all that humilation!


Yay!  This is fun!!!
But why’s Zoey afraid of it???

 Thanks, Ozark kitties!!
We love all of our presents!!!

(Well, ‘cept for that Santa Hat…)


  46 Responses to “Christmas in July”

  1. Hey, I like that undercover mouse thing! I want Tommy to get us one!! Love those pictures–but ain’ feelin’ the Santa hat. What alot of terrific treats for Christmas in July! LUCKY!


    PS. And I saw on another blog you guys Design Star too! 🙂

  2. What a great lot of gifts. We like that undercover mouse too. Zoey made us laff. We wouldn’t want to wear the Santa hat either. Mum has tried putting hats on us but we let her know what we think.

  3. What a haul! I loved that undercover mousie!!!

  4. Oh Zoey, you are the prettiest little ladycat.

  5. Merry July Christmas! Awesome presents! The undercover mousie looks like such fun!

  6. the Undercover Mouse video is great!!
    Zoey’s jumps were hilarious
    what a great Christmas in July

  7. What a great haul of presents! We think Zoey was just a little afraid of the mighty, giant flying paws of Ernie as he pounced!

    Whicky Wuudler

  8. Zoey, you made my mom laugh so hard this morning with your jumps! You all look pretty hissed off at having to wear the Santa hat, but hopefully getting all of those wonderful toys made it all worthwhile.

  9. hi dudes, thanks for visiting our site, the party was very funny but ,Lud and I we refuse to wear the hats, bag…the girls loved it as always., many pursss.Boris

  10. Wow, you had a great Christmas in July and got lots of goodies – well, except for the Santa hat! Zoey, you were funny in the video and made our mommy laugh with your jumps!

  11. WOW!!! You guys really hit the jackpot! Awesome purresents! Loved the video! Ernie, you and all your toesies are just too smart and quick for Undercover Mouse. That’s what we are asking Santa Claws for Christmas this year.

  12. WOW! That is some treasure that came in that box! It almost seemed endless. I guess you have to put up with a little grief (i.e., the Santa hat) to have Christmas in July!

  13. Whitey iz very sorry about that hat. Srsly. But Whitey iz laffin and laffing at Zoey’s Leapin’ Lizard move! bwahahahaha! Whitey haz to watch that again! 😀

  14. OMC! The Ozark Mountain Cats and the Biped really hooked you guys up! Wow, look at all those pawsome toys! We’ve never seen the undercover mouse before, but we have so gotta get one. Zoey is so cute in the video, we also love Ernie’s big eyes in the Santa hat picture!

  15. What amazing presents! And we love the santa hat photos (thanks for posing even if you didn’t want to!)

    Tasha says she completely understands how Zoey feels. She says she would do (and has done!) exactly the same thing.

  16. WOW! What a haul!

  17. Great gifts – the undercover mouse the the best. Zoey was funny jumping away even when it was not near her! We want one…Mom ya hear us?

  18. What fun gifts you got!

  19. You got lots of great Christmas presents! That under cover mouse looks like fun! The wall hanging for your Mom is pretty. Those Ozark Mountain Kitties are great friends!

  20. You won many gifts!
    And were very cute with that hat =)

  21. Y’all are so special to get a visit from Santa in July.

  22. Wowie you all gotted a lot of presents! The undercover mousie looks like great fun! We laughed and laughed at Zoey jumping away from it, but Trixie would probably do the same thing!

  23. Wow so many gifts! Cool and beautiful indeed!
    Glad to see you guys happy!

  24. What an amazing pressie you got! It sure was Christmas in July!

  25. Those are pawsome gifts! We love our undercover mouse too but something is stuck and it won’t go around anymore…that makes us sad.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  26. You were all such good sports to try to wear the hats! You really hit the jackpot with all those great gifts.

  27. We’ve never heard of the Undercover Mouse before but we gotta get one now! (MOMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!)

    Zoey, we’re not laughing at you…really…but those jumps were too funny. 😉

    Some great stuff there (other than that hat of course MOL)!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  28. How fun! Whimpurr didn’t know about the Christmas in July thingy …. she’s terrible about keepin’ up with the CB happenings! *sigh*

    The Undercover Mouse toy is GREAT! You shoulda hear Whimpurr laughing out LOUD!

  29. How fun! So many goodies! You guys are so lucky!


  30. Those are some wonderful presents! We especially like the Undercover Mouse! It was really funny to see Zoey being so cautious. She had that tap, tap, tap, down to an art:)

    Pee Ess: As Missourians, we’ve always contended that if you’re going to say Mizzurah, then you’re going to have to say Cincinnatah, and Mississippah. We’re just saying…

  31. We loved the video. Mom always plays something similiar with us and Siena totally freaks out. She lets a stringy disappear under a piece of sisal carpet. Hilarious! You got great stuff there!

  32. Pee Ess Ess: We were just joking about the pronunciation thing! You say tomato, we say tomahto:) Heehee!

  33. What great presents!!!! Jen put that same Santa hat on me last year when I was just a baby. I was pretty annoyed myself.

  34. I just love Christmas and having two Christmases is great!

  35. That undercover mouse was a bit scary! Oh and that Santa hat!!

  36. The Ozark Kitties sent you some awesome gifts! We love the video of you two playing with the Undercover Mouse. Zoey is hilarious.

  37. We thought you were celebrating Christmas in July because Michigan has been so cold! You surprised our momma!

  38. We were thinking we might need one of those undercover mouse toys, and after seeing that video now we’re sure we do!

  39. I can understand why Zoey was a little teensy weensy bit scared of undercover mousie! Alfie would run a mile! I’d be brave and give it a smacky paw of doom though!
    Milo xx

    I so would not be scared of undercover mousie ~ Alfie is telling porkies! What a lovely stash of pressies ~ we think Christmas in July is an excellent idea!
    Alfie xx

  40. What a fantastic collection of presents! You are three lucky kitties.

  41. Look at all the cool stuff! Your so lucky!

  42. Thanks for the heads up about the Post for Christmas in July. Mom is such a doofus…we’ve contacted our match-up and will get our package out asap.
    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  43. WOW! That is supoer pawsome you got Christmas prezzies in July!!! And they were some PAWSOME things!!! The video made our mudder laugh so hard until her eyes were leaking (now, she’s all snoggy!). What IS THAT yellow thing??? I think we’re going to have to have one of them one day!

    PS…Mom says thanx on the Doing the Q, info, she’s sucha dork and can’t remember things like that!

  44. Wow those are super cool Christmas in July presents you got!

  45. What pawsome prezzies yoo got fer Christmas in July!! Dat undercover mouse fing wud make Shadow jump too (he’s a bit skairt of his own shadow sum days).

  46. You lucky kitties!!! What a lot of great presents!!! I think you all deserve them seeing that you are all such a good sport in allowing your mum to put the cap on you. SS has tried for years without any success.

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