Jul 252009

Hi everyone!  The Island Cats’ Mom here.  I was tagged by Fin’s mom, Meg, to do this fun Mom Meme.  Wally, Ernie and Zoey have graciously allowed me to use their blog today so that I could play along.  Here are the rules:

“Either (1) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos OR (2) post 10 facts about yourself with no photos, OR (3) post a childhood picture of yourself.”  I’ve chosen to do both (1) and (3).

Here’s a picture of me when I was about 2 years old.  The cats posted this picture of me before when they were participating in a dare, but I thought it was worth showing again.

Me at age 2

Notice the backwards hat…I was a “hat-freak” as a child…always had to be wearing one…today, I don’t have that same passion for hats…I wonder why?

Now for those 7 facts about me…

1.  I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life.

2.  I graduated from Michigan State University a long time ago…longer than I care to admit!

3.  I married when I was older…my husband and I have been married for 9 years now…our anniversary was July 12.  

4.  We ran off to Las Vegas to get married.  My only requirement??  Elvis could not perform the ceremony!

5.  Living in the Detroit area…yes, I work for one of the automobile companies, in the Legal department.  Fortunately, I’ve kept my job so far…

6.  My screen name is blkcatgal, not because I have a fondness for black cats, (which I do — just ask Ernie) but because I collect black cat things and, in particular, a certain type of decorative kitchenware that was popular in the 1950s made by a company named Shafford.  I bought my first Shafford Black Cat teapot at an antiques show about 15 years ago and I’ve been collecting ever since.  Here’s a picture of just part of my collection that I have displayed in my kitchen.

Just a small part of my Shafford collection

Wally, Ernie and Zoey want to do a post about my black cat collection sometime…maybe I’ll let them.

7.  I want to learn to play the piano…that will give me the excuse to buy the baby grand that I’ve always wanted!

Now I’m supposed to tag some other moms.  Let’s see…how about Laila and Minchie’s mom, Milo and Alfie’s mom,  Tristan and Crikey’s mom and Tuck’s mom.  Play along if you want…you’re under no obligation.  But it is fun!

The Island Cats Mom


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  1. Those black cats are cool! We like learning about the Moms!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. That’s fun learning about the Moms! My mom has lived in SC all of her life.

  3. A Spartan eh? Mommy was a CMU Chip for her undergrad.
    You were an adorable little gal!
    Mommy said she LOVES your collection!

  4. This meme is so much fun! We loved getting to know you better, Sue!

    I have some friends in the Detroit area that also work in the auto industry. It’s a terrible situation but hopefully everyone can get back on their feet!

  5. We like all those black cats. Our mum collects cats to, but all different colours. We liked learning a bit about your mum.

  6. Very fun post! Our Mom will do it soon. Thanks for tagging her. We have never seen those black cat collectibles before. Very cool! Our whole house is full of cat figurines, etc. Mom said she would only keep it all in the bedroom, but over the years it has taken over the whole house because she has so much.

    Keeping our paws crossed your Mom keeps her job in the auto industry! Our Mom is losing her jobbie this Wednesday. boohoohoo!

  7. It’s great seeing so many editions of this meme, and learning a bit about the humans behind the kitties. You have quite a collection of black kitties! We are looking forward to seeing the kitties post about it:)

  8. So nice to see and know more about you! Cool post and thanks for sharing!

  9. Loved learning more about you, Sue! That black cat kitchenware is amazing – I have never seen that before. And I am wishing the best to you and everyone else in Michigan in this economy – I know MI has been one of the states that has been hit the hardest.

    P.S. I am older than I care to admit also – my childhood photos look a lot like yours :).

  10. That was cool to get to know all about you.

  11. Sue, I swear that picture of you on the trike could be me at the same age. I was blond then, and had just about the same haircut! Must be a 1950’s thing.
    Yes, that black cat collection is amazing. I have a little collection of enamel teapots decorated with different kitties. You can’t be a crazy cat lady without collecting some cat paraphenalia!

  12. That was very fun and I LOVE your cat collection. My Mom plays the Meme tomorrow.

  13. That Stafford collection is amazing! I was trying to think about it and I don’t think that I collect anything. I used to collect Dream Pets, but they no longer make them, so I don’t have anything else to collect.

    And good news that you haven’t been affected by the economic downswing.

    How couldn’t you want Elvis to perform! That’s always been an odd dream of mine seeing my grandmother adored Elvis. I always feel I have to do it for her.

    PS:Melvin and I would like to thank you for your prayers and thoughts on Thursday. I honestly feel that he recovered so well with the help of all his friends sending good vibes.

    Bless you, Sue!

  14. Fun stuff! Glad to hear you haven’t been affected yet with your job; our Mommy has a friend that owns an auto-related business in the Detroit area and though he’s been impacted by slower business, he’s still got his business. She has several other friends in Michigan and knows it’s really tough up there.

    Thanks for sharing some cool facts about yourself! 🙂

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  15. Hi Sue,

    I’m Milo and Alfie’s Mom. I enjoyed reading your post and thought you were a very cute child!

    Count me in on this meme ~ I shall post on my own blog but I’ll put a link on Milo and Alfie’s blog so you can find me!


  16. Cute photo of you Sue & thanks for catching us up on you! Nice black cat collection!

  17. Love the black cats.. Awesome collection.. I loved hearing about you. Lots of cool stuff..

    Hugs GJ xx

  18. Hi Sue, I decided to post on Milo and Alfies blog after all:


  19. […] 25, 2009 by Author I’ve been tagged to take part in a meme by Sue (the Mom at Island Cats blog).  Wally, Ernie and Zoey are gorgeous little friends of Milo and Alfie and we all enjoying […]

  20. That was fun! I love the backwards hat. It looks like you are about to have a tricycle collision!

  21. We’re enjoying learning about all the cat moms! Nice black cat collection!

  22. Wow, this was a cool post. Our mom loves your antique black cat collection! She’s looking forward to a post dedicated to it.

    Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, Maggie, and Angel

  23. That is so fun! We like learning about our friends.

  24. Sue, we really enjoyed getting to know you better! Love the pic of you as a kid, too cute! Mom thinks it awesome that you ran off to Vegas to get married, she said that sounds like lots of fun!

    The black cat collection is great, we’ve never seen that collection before! Our mom collects black cat stuff too, she has a small figurine collection.

    Oh, and Happy Belated Anniversary!!!!

  25. You’re even cooler than we thought! Our Mom went ga-ga over your Black Cat collection:) Thanks for tagging our Mom, we’ll make her play along. Heehee

  26. Hi Sue! So nice to meet you and learn about you! My Dad lives in Michigan in Mount Pleasant and my half sister lives in Detroit. As a Vegas girl I’m glad you came here to get married and happy anniversary.

    I always love coming over here and always love your comments. You really do often say the exact thing I have in my head on our friends blogs. It’s really funny.

    I think you should learn the piano! Oh and wear hats, and keep your job for a long time!!


  27. What a cool black cat collection!

  28. It’s good to learn things about the mums!

  29. Mom’s laughing about the backwards hat picture. She couldn’t remember if she’d sent that to you, but she says, yep she did! She remembers all the movies of you with the hats, especially that green one when you were about five. Wait! Says Mom! The movies are black and white old film, how did I know the hat was green? I must be remembering that!

  30. Mom loves the picture of you as a child…on a bike!!! Mom is a bike nut. We adore that black cat collection! Mom will post her mom meme tomorrow!

  31. So nice to meet the PURRsons behind the cats!

    LOVE your Black Cat Collection! I believe all black cats are magical! Our first cat Puffy-Kitty cast a spell on us- dog people and turned us into cat PURRsons! 8 cats and 12 years later here we are!!!

    I think the Cat Blogosphere PURRsons are the very best cat PURRsons of all!

  32. Those black cats are super cool looking! I love learning all about all the kitty moms!

  33. Hi Sue! That’s my name too! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my guest post on the Furry Bambinos’ blog. That picture of you is darling! I love your black cat collection. This meme has been really fun, getting to learn all about the Moms behind the kittehs we know and love.

    Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos

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