Jul 242009


The lady with the yellow hair is a little upset with me
‘cuz I nearly chewed off the tail of my new plague ratsie…


Hey, isn’t that what the tail’s there for???


  33 Responses to “Formerly Feral – TattleTail”

  1. That is what they are there for – I am sure of it!

  2. Humans–they just don’t get it! Chew on! 🙂

  3. It’s definitely what’s supposed to happen, Zoey! We’re working on our plague rat tail too. Good job!

  4. Aren’t all good kitties supposed to keep the civilized world free of the plague(rat)?

  5. You are right Zoey, I think that’s what you are supposed to do. At our house, we tried and tried, but Grete woofie thinks the ratsie was for her and if we try to do that she takes it from us!

  6. Aren’t you supposed to do that? We liked the tail for flipping and whapping the ratsie!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Great job, Zoey! Maggie May tore a big ‘ol hole in our plague ratsie’s head. Mom still hasn’t sewn it yet ::glares at mom::

  8. I do believe Elizabeth would agree – tails are for detaching. 😉

  9. Course you’re sposed to do that, tails are made for chewing.

  10. well, YES that’s what they’re for. sheesh. hoomans.

  11. That means that you’ve enjoyed playing with your ratsie lots, and it was a great decision to get one!:)

  12. Zoey … beans just never appweciate our hard wurk, dooz they? *purrs, Redfurd*

  13. Oh I agree totally, humans are slow to catch on sometimes.

  14. That’s the best part!

  15. I think that chewing the tail off of mousies is the best part! I love to chew the feather butts off of our mousies!

  16. We chew the tails off too!

  17. I don’t understood, but the rope was not really for this? o.o’
    Have fun =)

  18. Ut-oh. Did she call you naughty? That’s usually what I get called when I do bad. Oh, well. I kinda like that name. Naughty.

  19. Rat tails are meant to be chewed off!

  20. Well, dah! Of course that is why it is there, Zoey!

  21. Oh the tail is very popluar in our house too! But luckily the kitties haven’t chewed it off (yet). They usually carry it by the tail and lick the mousie! I don’t think you were naughty at all to chew it off.

  22. um, I don’t get why she is so upset? what else are tails of toys for?

    Thank you so much for the kind words of welcome to our little Baby Joel aka #2. We are so happy to have him home.

  23. Well, soon you will have TWO toys! A rat toy and a tail toy!

  24. Yes, Zoey, you’re right — what else are tails on rats for, if not to chew? My kitties tend to chew all the tails off their toy mice first, but they still play with them after. Something tells me this is what a kitty would do in the wild — chew on the tail — it’s hard to change one’s natural instinct!

  25. Thanks fur coming to see me! Some of the mousies heer have pre-chewed tails. I hope I gits some of my own to chew! See ya round.

  26. We thought that’s what wild torbies were supposed to do!

  27. Yes Zoey, you did your job well. Nice!
    your pal,

  28. Yes dats what dey is for, chew dems suckers off!! Den yoo know it makes da mom’s and dad’s wonder if we’s ate them or not – they do the freak out while yoo can sit and laff and laff at dem. Jus make sure to gives them the tail after their freak out session. MOL

  29. I still haven’t seen one of those plague rats that everyone is talking about. They must really be something.

  30. I like to use the tail for flipping about but it’s yours I say.

  31. What did she think you were going to do.. take it for a walk! please…

  32. That’s ABSOLUTELY what tails are for. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different, either!! =)

  33. That’s exactly what the tail’s for, Zoey. Exactly.

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