Jul 222009

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

You know, I’ve really done a number on my Scratch Lounge.
But I think it still gots some life left in it….


Time for more scratching and lounging!!


  35 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. It’s not deaded yet Wally.

  2. Looks like you’ve had a blast with your scratch lounge, Wally!

  3. It looks like you really gave the sides of that thing a good going over! At least you scratch where you are supposed to! What a good boy you are, Wally!

  4. I think we need one of those! That looks really great.

    P.S. Dobby really likes the scratch-o-rama and he hasn’t been able to tear it up yet. He absolutely trashes the cardboard ones.

  5. Wait…you are supposed to scratch those things? I only sleep in mine…I scratch the couch instead and then the humans yell at me!

  6. Scratch a little…lounge a little…scratch a little, it’s always something☺

  7. If there’s any cardboard left, it ain’t deaded yet. We really like the ones that The Mommy got us that are on an incline, but that one looks fun too. Enjoy!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. Yes, that still has lots of life left in it…time to get busy and scratch some more! Then snooze…then scratch…zzzzz

  9. Whoa! You’ve sure used that pretty good, Wally! But we do not think it’s used up quite yet!

  10. It does look well loved. Do you like it like that or would you like a new one?

  11. It does look fun, need to talk to Nanny so she can get me one!


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  13. Mum says I need one of those.. You have done a lot of scratching on that.. Plenty life left though..

    Hugs GJ x

  14. That’s a cool lounger Wally. I have a super scratcher & I like it so much that I like to sleep on it too!
    your pal,

  15. That does look like fun! You have used it well.

  16. That scratch lounge looks awesome! There’s definitely some more destroying, scratching and lounging to do!

  17. This should be fun! I want one =)
    Thanks for pray for me! Today I am 75% better, thanks so much!

  18. Hello dear Wally
    This scratch is fabulous! You did a great work there! Enjoy this time!
    Luna and mommy Léia

  19. Uh oh, Chester has almost destroyed our scratch lounge to that state too!

  20. It’s hard to give up on a favorite scratcher. I say nip it up and have at it!

  21. Oh yea yoo got lots of life left in dat scratch pad! Mom doesnt throw ours out until its got nothing but shred in da box (course then she complains dat it makes a mess!).

  22. Oh yeah, it’s good for another couple of scratch-fests!

  23. I never saw a scratcher that was also a lounger before!

  24. Wally, you scratch the daylights out of it! We just love your eyes and that PINK nose!

  25. That scratcher looks well loved. Looks like there is still some scratch left in it yet.

  26. Ooo, you’ve been busy. Looks like your’re just now getting that thing comfy.

  27. It’s just to the point of finally being broken in Wally! Good job!

  28. It has room for plenty more scratches!

  29. There’s still a lot of life left in your scratch lounge Wally – give some more go!

  30. yuff torn that up. luks lyk yoo really luf it.

  31. Wow! You’re really going at it, Wally!

  32. Looks like there is still a little life left in it!

  33. Yep still some life!!

  34. Wow Wally, you REALLY like to scratch on your scratch lounge! But I think it has a bit of life left – there is a lot of scratch area still available.

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