It’s Toesday!

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Jul 212009

Just me and my toes hanging around…


You wanna know something??  I’m 4 years old now!!

I don’t remember exactly when I was born,
but mom tells me it must’ve been right around this time of year.

So extra treats for me!!  Yipee!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday! We love those big, Manctly toes!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Happy Purrfday!!!

    Luf, Us

  3. That was supposed to say ManCatly toes! Duh…MOM!!!!

  4. Wow Happy Purrfday Ernie. We hope you keep hanging around for many, many more years.

  5. Well, Happy Purrthday Ernie! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the exact day. We don’t know Domino’s actual purrthday, but we just picked a day that we thought was close. The celebration is the most important thing — so here’s to extra treats for your extra toes, and anything else your little heart desires!

  6. Happy Birthday Ernie! Four mighty paws and four mighty years!
    (and four hundred mighty treats we hope)

    Have a great day Ernie

    Whicky & Family

  7. Happy birthday, dude! And many more.

  8. Happy 4th birthday! You look regal there!

  9. Wow! Happy Birthday, Ernie!

  10. Happy Birthday, Ernie! Those are some exceptional toes you’ve got there!

  11. Happy Approximate Purrthday, Ernie!!! WOOHOO!! Enjoy all them treats, furiend!

  12. You look really comfy there, Ernie! Happy birthday to you, none of us know our exact dates, either, so The Mommy chose approximate dates for us all.

    Make your mom give you lots of extra treats for your special day!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  13. Happy Birthday. You have very pretty toes. Hope you have a good day!

  14. That’s close enough for us so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Whimpurr sure does love those toesies of yours and sends extra kissies for extra toesies! *purrs*

  15. We all wish you the happiest birthday ever!!!

  16. Wishing you a great Birthday! You look so confy, this is a very nice picture and love the toes!

    Big hugs,


  17. What HUGE toes you have ~ we love ’em!

    Ernie, we fink yoo shud insist on an offishul birthday straight away! If it’s good enuff for the Queen of England it’s good enuff for yoo.

  18. Happy Birthday Ernie! You have polydactyl toes too? So do I and they’re
    great for grabbing xtra big treats like birthday cake! Yummmy!
    ♥ Spooky Do + family 🙂

  19. I think it calls for your very own ham. Which is why I have brought you one! Happy fourth Birthday!!!

  20. Happy purrthday, Ernie! Franklin is almost four too – our mom doesn’t know any of our exact birthdays, so his might be the same day as yours (!!!). We hope you get a lot of treats and cuddles today.

  21. Happy birthday !
    Oh, thanks for worrying about me, I’m improving =)

  22. Those are mighty fine toes! Happy Birthday.

  23. Happy Birthday!!!

  24. Happy birthday, Ernie!

    I’m back to my old crabby self now. Ahhhhhh, I do feel better.

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  26. Of course you can use the picture we posted for Christmas in July! We found it just googling Christmas in July image search.

    Happy 4 years Ernie!!!

  27. Happy Happy Birthday to youuu!!
    ~ Anna Sue and The Bunch

  28. Oh Ernie, Happy Birthday!! Four is great – always a good year. And your toes are lovely in that picture!!

  29. Happy Birthday, Ernie! We love them Mancat Mitts of yours! Use them to grab all the extra treats you can!

  30. Happy 4th Birthday, Ernie 😀

  31. Ernie, that’s a fabulous photo of your toesies! Happy Birthday to you!

  32. Happy Birthday!!!! Those toeies look pawsome!!!

  33. Happy Purrthday Ernie!

  34. Happy Birthday! You have such big pawsies! So nice! Wonderful photo!

  35. Happy Birthday Ernie! Hope you get lots of toys and treats! And boy do you have big toesies!

  36. Hope I’m not too late to help celbrate your birthday!!!! You have the most fabulous toes ever! Great whapping paw for sure!

    Hope you got everything you wanted today!

  37. Happy Birthday! My Mom is tagging your Mom in tomorrow’s post.

  38. Happy Birthday Ernie. Boy, that’s one Mancat paw you have there. I don’t think you look all that comfy up there on the couch, but us cats can seem to lay anywhere though.


  39. Happy Purrthday Ernie, your toesies are very cute!


  40. wow ConCATulations! What a beautiful shot and adorable toes!
    You deserve many treats for sure!
    purrs from Luxembourg

  41. Happy Birthday Ernie…boy you could play ping pong with those big paws!
    your pal,

  42. Ernie, all of us join in to wish you a happy 4th mancat birthday!

  43. Happy Purrday!!! We LOVE all of you toesies!

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