Jul 202009

Remember the momma duck that built her nest and laid her eggs in our bushes??  Well, last Friday our mom went out to check on momma duck and found this….


Yep, the nest is empty and it looks like the eggs have hatched…


And momma duck and baby ducks have headed off…

We don’t know when this happened exactly ‘cuz our mom saw momma duck a few days before this.


This is momma duck just a week ago.  The eggs musta hatched a few days later.  We didn’t see the baby ducks and we never saw them all leave.


Geez, Ernie…they left without saying hello or goodbye…

Mom says they headed for the water which isn’t too far away…but still a long walk for them all.  We hope they made it safe and sound!  But it woulda been fun if they stuck around for a little while so we could play!!


  35 Responses to “ManCats – Duck Update”

  1. Oh, Ernie & Wally, I am so sorry your little friends left without saying goodbye! I would have liked to see them too! Maybe your mom can go to the lake, look for them, take a picture of them, and then show it to you! Have a nice Monday & maybe they’ll come back & visit!
    your pal,

  2. We bet they are cuter than cute. Maybe they’ll come back to visit one day?

  3. We would have loved to have seen the babies too! Maybe they will come back for a visit?

  4. TThat was very rude of them to all leave without saying goodbye to you.

  5. Ooooh . . . I’m purring for Mama Duck and the baby duckies, that they are all safe and sound!

  6. Oh! Too bad they left without saying goodbye =(
    I hope that everything is fine!

  7. We hope they made it safely to the water! I’m sorry they didn’t say goodbye…maybe they left a little note?

  8. When my mum turned 7 (decades ago), a mother duck and 7 baby ducklings came to live in there back yard for a wee. Well they were demanding and noisy, but cute. We hope yours have found a safe home and are learning to swim and fly in their new home.

  9. We wish them luck and a safe journey to the water. Maybe they’ll come back for a visit.

  10. Oh I wish they would have waved good bye!

  11. We’re sorry they left without saying goodbye, but they probably wanted to get to the water as soon as possible. (We still think it is very cool that they nested in your yard!).

    P.S. our mom says you are very cute in that last picture!

  12. How odd, usually ducks are so chatty!

  13. Awww! That’s too bad that you guys didn’t get to see the babies. On the other hand, you might have frightened them quite a bit. It’s just nice to know they’re off to the wilds where they were meant to be. I’m sure they are all well and happy.

  14. We hope the duckies are okay, even if they were rude to leave without saying goodbye and thanks for the use of the bushes.

    Cute picture of you boys on Mancat Monday!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  15. Very sneaky duckies! We hope they made it safely too! *purrs*

  16. You guys must have left your post for a few minutes when they left! We think it was when Wally was upside down snoozing the other day! We hope they made it safely to the water.

  17. Too bad you did not get to see them and Mom did not get a picture.

  18. Oh what an awful shame you didn’t get to see them. I hope they got to the water safely.

    Hugs GJ xx

  19. Oh so sorry…Ernie and Wally, that you couldn’t see the little duckies. Maybe next year…


  20. Oh, so sorry to hear that they didn’t say goodbye! We wish we could’ve seen the ducklings before they traveled to their new home.

    Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, Maggie… and Angel

  21. Yeah!! It would have been nice to see the baby duckies following their Mama.
    We are sure they would gave waved at the two of you 🙂
    Maybe another time.

    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  22. Too bad they couldn’t stop and say goodbye. We hope they had a safe journey to the water.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  23. Yep, sorry they left before you got to enjoy them. We’ve had baby ducks and baby geese in our back yard and they are fun to watch.

  24. It’s too bad they left without saying goodbye but we sure hope they made it to the water safely. Maybe they’ll come back for a visit someday!

  25. Yoo know it wud has been fun if dey did stick around, perhaps yoo cud has had yer mom get yoo a real live fevver from dem too. Maybe yoo shud put a pond in yer yard?

  26. That wasn’t very polite of them!!!

  27. Would have loved to see them.

  28. Oh, how sad that you weren’t able to tell them goodbye. Maybe they’ll waddle back your way someday.

  29. It was nice of you to give them a safe place to grow in their eggs! We were wondering what was going on with them.

  30. Awwwwww! I wanted to see the live baby fev-vers!

  31. Hi, my editor Whiskie really likes to find so much good stuff about cats! She is very curious about what happened to the ducklings.

  32. I would have liked to see the little baby ducklettes!

  33. We hope that they made away to safety and didn’t get ate!

  34. Are you two sure you don’t know what happened to the ducklings?
    How is your digestion lately?
    No duck scented burps we hope

    Tee Hee

    Wicked Wuudler

  35. Well, it is good that they hatched and headed to the water but I am sure it would have been nicer if you had a chance to see the babies at least one time!

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