Aug 292008

Me moving in here and becoming an Island Cat hasn’t always been easy.  We haven’t talked about it much, but me and Wally just don’t see eye-to-eye…not yet, at least.  Because of that, we have to be kept separate from one another.  So I spend most of my time in the bedroom (they call it Wally World!).  It’s pretty nice in here…there’s lots of windows to look out and a soft bed to nap on…and lots of toys!  I feel like I’m in a luxury kitty hotel!  And the lady with the yellow hair lets me out everyday to explore the rest of the house when Wally is somewhere else.

I don’t know why Wally and me don’t get along.  I think it’s ‘cuz we’re both scared of one another and, being cats and all, neither one of us wants to admit it.  And I still have some wildness in me.  I know that it frustrates the lady with the yellow hair, and she’s been really patient with us.

Ernie and me are okay, which is funny…you’d think that I’d be scared of a cat that has feets as big as he does!  I mean, he can do some serious whapping with those!!!

I hope that Wally and me will be okay together one day…it’s just gonna take some time for us to get use to it.  We’re working on it.

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Here’s my Full Monty!  I think I did pretty good, don’t you?

  16 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Not Quite”

  1. Zoey, you and Wally will prolly get along ok soon. Sometimes it takes longer for some kitties to accept other kitties. but you haf a very nice luxury hotel room there!

  2. Memo to: Zoey (on the Island)
    From: Zoey (at Zoolatry)
    Do not fret friend. Maggy chased and whapped and hissed at me furrever and furrever.
    Now… we’ll, cannot say we are friends, instead she just plain ignores me, and I stay out of her way (except for the rare whap on her backside when she struts by).

  3. Give it some more time Zoey, and then some. It can take ages for all to settle together. I’m glad you get on well with Ernie and his huge paws. Your kitty hotel looks very comfortable.

  4. You look soooo adorable and soft. Especially doing the fully monty.

    I know how it is, I don’t quite get along with my new sis yet. She is like you, she stays in the bedroom all day, every day. She is afraid to come upstairs. I have been spending increasing amounts of time in the room with her though!


  5. Hopefully you guys will get used to each other sooner than later.

  6. We’re sorry that you guys don’t get along Zoey, sometimes it takes a while. We still get in tousles every now and then.

    Our Daddy is going to be down your way to tomorrow – he’s going to Belle Ile to watch the Grand Prix – we’ll tell him to wave!

  7. I know what you mean Zoey. I’ve been here at my furever home now for about 2 years and I still have to be separated from the other kitties. There is just something in me that can’t quite calm down. But things have gotten better, don’t get me wrong. I can get along with Stryder sometimes, in fact my girl was super happy that we both were able to share her bed for 2 whole hours the other night. This was our second attempt at sharing and it worked out pretty well, we just slept with about a foot in between us. I still don’t get along with Sugar but that’s just cause she refuses to give up her thrown. So just keep hanging in there girlfuriend. It will get better, it just takes time.

  8. That’s a great full monty! I hope you two start getting along soon, although your room does look very nice!

  9. Zoey, I feel certain that you will come to an understanding with Wally!

  10. One day you and Wally will be great friends!

  11. Zoey, I sure hope that you and Wally will have a meeting of the minds soon and will become buddies. I was the one who was nice to Simon when he came to live with Sabrina and I, and she was mean to him. I think because I was nice to him is why he picks on me and not her too much, but at least we get along most of the time. Hopefully Wally will realize what a nice girlkitty you are really, really soon, and at least you and Ernie get along in the meantime.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Pee ess … Hi Zoey!

  12. Don’t feel bad Zoey, Zippy and I still don’t really like each other. We don’t have the kind of fights we used to, those scared mom! But she still hisses at me and every now and then I get mad about it and chase her…den mom yells and we go to seperate areas. Now Speedy, he’s difrint. We both loved him from da start.

  13. I hope the two of you start getting along soon so you can both enjoy the freedom of the full house and the woman with the yellow hair can relax. I just love the full monty look.

  14. I don’t want to put you off Zoey, but my big brother Salvador has never been nice to me. We manage to exist in the same house but we don’t get along. I don’t know why, I would like to be friends but he hates me. I’m sure you and Wally will call a truce one day though.

    Huffle Mawson

  15. It does take time. I am glad that everyone is being patient!

  16. One day you two will stop dancing and sparring and become friends.

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