Easy E Sunday

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Jul 192009


 Hey, who’s that underneath those covers??


 Yep, it’s me!!

 (who’d ya think it was gonna be???)


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  1. I thought it was you…but I wasn’t real sure.

  2. Pickles like to do that too! Happy Easy Sunday:)

  3. I like to do that too, but sometimes Eric pretends he doesn’t know I’m there and lies on top of me.

  4. Panther under covers! You got the best place in the house!

  5. Gorgeous! I don’t blame you for hiding there – very cosy!

  6. We love covers! =^_^= looks like lots of fun; enjoy!!!

  7. That’s a purrfect place to snuggle as long as nobody sits on you!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. aha mysterious hiding cat yipes sandy

  9. That is a good place to nap and play

  10. Beautiful black cat and shinny coat.

  11. Ernie! That’s a good way to stay snuggly warm in this “summer” we’re having!

  12. Happy Sunday, Ernie! You look very cute in there!

    P.S. our mom says it’s very cool that your mom and dad got married in Vegas! She had a friend who really wanted to do that, but his wife’s family overruled them (they went there on their honeymoon though!)

  13. I kinda thought it might be you! : )

  14. We kinda thought it might be Wally but we were happy to see you too, Ernie!

  15. OH Ernie we knoos it wuz yoo!
    But yoo sure looked surprized to see us!

  16. You sure had us fooled until you showed us your puss!

  17. My what big eyes you have! You look comfy under the covers, Ernie, enjoy your easy Sunday.

    Hey, we have an award for you kitties today on our bloggie – check it out when you have time between naps! 🙂

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  18. You look very comfy under those covers getting your beauty sleep no doubt. BTW, thank you for supporting Project Purrs 4 Peace. Purrs 2 You. Confucius Cat

  19. I haven’t gotten under the covers in along time. I should try that again. It looks…comfy.

  20. Peek a boo Ernie! Thanks for purrin’ for our OBI. Today he is even better!!! We lost our internet yesterday, Mom & Dad are looking into Comcast triple play with faster internet. Right now we have Verizon phone & internet with comcast cable. Verizon just doesn’t work well in our area and Fios in not up to our street as yet. Our neighbor has Direct TV and totally hates it so he is also going comcast. We do love living here in Japip and seeing the deer, funny looking birds and groundhogs. Oh guess what, CVS is being built right up the main road, about 5 miles! All the beans here are so excited ’cause nothing is around here for many many miles! Now they are hoping for a Giant food store ’cause they refuse to downsize to a car from their Santa Fe which happens to be their second one. The first went to 200,000.00 miles easy and this one just passed 100,000.00 miles…..the only thing they decide on each time is color. You wouldn’t believe how many cars those Santa Fe’s pulled out of ditches in bad weather up here. Dad bahas over our land sometimes, Mom said, he just thinks he’s funny…..Pawrents, they are so silly!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  21. Well, we knew it wasn’t one of us. 🙂

  22. Peek-a-boo! You are so cute.

  23. You’re so cute Ernie! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

  24. OMG! You’re soooo cute ^^
    We love it !

  25. Peek-a-House-Panther-Boo!
    So nice you stopped by to wish
    Anakin well! 🙂

  26. Well, I had a 50/50 chance of being right and I guessed Wally. I was pretty sure it wasn’t Zoey…so oh well. My mom says she still loves me even if I was wrong!

  27. Peek-a-boo – we see you! Super cute!!

  28. Your cute there! We were wondering when we saw the blankie!

  29. Hi Ernie! Your eyes match purrfectly with the bedding:)

  30. That looks like a very comfy place to hang out.

  31. We have given you an award which you can collect from our blog.

  32. Oh…you under the cover. You are very very cute. Thanks for stopping by.



  33. Could be Ernie….
    Love your pic!!

  34. Ha ha.. I knew that! Silly. Do your eyes really match the comforter?

  35. I would pounce and see who runs out.

  36. Wow – we thought it would be Wally – he is always in the funniest places! You are looking good Ernie!

  37. MOL hehehe I luvs to gets under da covers and sheets all da times!


  38. We wasn’t sure … but we shoulda guessed! LOL!

  39. hey sweetheart! you look real sweet!:) good to see ya!

    Pet Pride

  40. Oh Ernie, you are right where I wish I was right now – all cozy under the covers! I am so jealous!

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