Jul 152009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Once again…in my never-ending quest to get outside…


Hey!  How do I get this thing open???
I wanna go out!!


  39 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Don’t know what to tell you Wally, since they let me do what I want at the shop. But you know, it’s a big, bad world out there & you don’t know what can happen to you. I think you’d better just stay inside where it’s safe. I was born in the wild so that’s just my world. I think your Mom & Dad know what’s best for you.
    your pal,

  2. Hey, Wally. See that little whatchamacallit? You haz to turn that first. Then somebuddy has to lift open the window. That last part will be the most difficult, I think.

  3. We haven’t figured out how to get out yet either, Wally. We’ll keep trying and let you know when we do, though

  4. Did you spot a bird there Wally…

    You have a nice window to watch from and you are safe…

    Hugs GJ xxx

  5. can’t be much help either Wally. i’m always in a state of confinement:( let me know when you know!!

    toodles, tula

  6. When you figure it out, Wally, please let us know. We’ve been trying to open the window for years!

  7. I do not knows why you would want to get outsides Wally, it looks like it is a coming on in.. with all that greenery1 hehe

  8. Your furs look beautiful today, Wally. We like the window to be open too, but we don’t want to go outside – mom’s always amazed at this (but happy too, since Dobby is the only one of us with any street smarts to speak of!)

  9. Wally, I bet if I were in the house there with you you’d never try to get out! Ha!

  10. Oh! I want out too! A long time that mom won’t let me go out =/
    I hope you can!

    Jas & Gi

  11. We think your best bet is hanging by the doors and flying out with the rents aren’t looking. That’s why Minchie does! But luckily he only runs out into a long hallway. He gets in big troubles when he does that!

  12. Wally, in no way do youz wanna go out dere. Big carz an’ bikez an’ mean dogz an’ mean catz an’ big birds are all out dere an’ they aren’t nice to kittiez if dey don’t yike dem. You are loved inside. Datz where you should say…just yike us.

  13. Perhaps sometimes your persistence will pay off.

  14. Keep trying Wally, you may get out one day! But if you do, be careful and come back in when the mom says so. It can be fun outside as long as you’re snoopervised and keep an eye out for Bad Things.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  15. We know you want out, but the cool air and food and soft beds are all inside!

  16. Wally, I know your pain. I see things everyday and I’m stuck indoor. Maybe, one day will experience catching a juicy bird…

    Big hugs,


  17. Just remember, being outside isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

  18. You’re not the only one being held prisoner, Wally. Most of us are being held against our will. Mom’s always saying, “No” when we ask to go out. I think WE should be allowed to decide for ourselves.


  19. Thank you for my birthday wishes! This year is so great because I have a wonderful furever home and some beans to celebrate my birthday!

    Wally, just so you know, I don’t think outside is a real safe place. I was there for I dont know how long (I cant remember) but it’s scary out there!

  20. Windows sure are a “pane”!

  21. Oh, we can’t tell you how to get out – if your mom wants you in you have to stay in. We keep our kitties inside all the time to keep them safe – there are scary things outside sometimes!

  22. It’s not that much fun out there, Wally. Just ask Zoey!

  23. It looks like it would be easy – just lift and out. We haven’t figured it out either!

  24. You just come and take lessons with Notty! The other night he got out by ripping out the screen of the window!
    Thank you so much for your condolences concerning our Luna, we very much appreciated it!

  25. Oh Wally–I hear ya! Push that window just a little bit more…..!


  26. We can’t tell you how to open the window because we don’t know how. We have our own little cat door out to the garden so we can go out when we like. We can’t get out of the garden though unless mum takes us.

  27. We don’t know how to open windows either. We don’t get outside but that’s okay, there’s lots of toys and comfy places to nap inside!

  28. Wally, if you really want to get outside, you have to prepare in advance! Just stand near the front door when one of your beans is getting ready to go outside (you can always tell) — and then when they open the door just a crack — and before they know it — you dash outside to freedom! (I’ve seen this scenario played out many times by my Dylan who is an expurrt in this regard.)

  29. Whitey gave you the right information. Pushing the window up is the hardest part. I don’t think you really should go out there, though. There are bad, scary things out there.

  30. You really wants to gets out huh Wally, so cute you alwayz lookings for a way out. We not allowed outsides eithers.


  31. I want outside too… And I can’t seem to figure it out. They always have their eyes out watching me real close so I don’t escape.

  32. You don’t need to get outside when there’s a very chewable plant right beside you.

  33. But the view is beautiful even if it doesn’t open.

  34. Going outside isn’t all it’s cracked up to be ‘cos when I went outside I got stunged by a BIG Hornet and it hurted a lot.
    Love Alfie xx

  35. Lifting the window might be a bit tough. Maybe your parents would let you go out on a leash? We get to experience outside that way and still be safe.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  36. Keep werkin at it! You’ll get outside eventally!

  37. He must find something REALLY interesting!!!

  38. Wally, good thing you and Chester don’t live together, cuz you two would get into lots of trouble together!

  39. Big slobbery kisses 4 wishing my mom a happy birthday- very nice of you!


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