Jul 072009

C’mon everybuddy!  Stick out your tongues!!




(It helps to use a prop!)


  37 Responses to “Tongues on Tuesday”

  1. That’s so cute! Wally really soaked through his nip nanner!

  2. Too funny! Mom likes to catch us like that too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. on the first picture, I thought your tongue was looong and GREEN!


  4. We larfed at this post! What fun!

  5. We really like all these photos today – good captures! And, Wally, that’s a great recommendation for the nip naner 🙂 (we keep hearing about how great those are!)

  6. There’s a lot of tongue licking happening in your house! I hope you all have plenty of water to go around.

  7. P.S. Our mom liked the photos so much that she forgot to say that Tasha left Zoey an award! It’s just for fun.

  8. Hahahaha:) What a great collection of photos:)

  9. Must be catnip!! I want some!

  10. Hey! Did you enter your pictures in the “Sticking Out Your Tongue Contest” over at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures Blogspot? My picture will be up tomorrow for that one! In the meantime, I gave you an award today too! Stop by my blog today.

  11. I think sometimes it’s important to stick out your tongue at humans…

  12. Your tongue are very pretty and cute =)

    Jas & Gi

  13. Great tongue work there Island Cats!

  14. Great photos. Mom has trouble getting pictures of our tongues.

  15. nice tongue shots! i almost licked the screen when i saw that nip nanner for sure. this is why everyone wants to be an Island Cat.

    PS we have starling problems too. they scare all my nice birdies away. mommy switches to safflower for a week or two until they go away. somehow they always come back…

  16. Great theme for a Tuesday! Tongue Tuesday! Why not — everyone goes nuts over tuxies, toes and tummies, too! I guess it is a little harder to get a shot of the tongue. You have to wait there with the camera until the right moment comes.

  17. P.S. I’m trying to round up more feature kitties for my LOLSpot and I wondered if you would like to participate? All I need is your permission to copy pictures from your blog. You can leave a reply on my 3-D Cats blog, or on the LOLSpot which is:


  18. Three cute pink tongues, all in a row…

  19. Haahaahaa! That’s a good one!

  20. Wally, that is one well-loved catnip bananer!

  21. Catnip? Did someone say catnip?

  22. Just love those tongue shots – not easy to capture either, so many kudos!

    Fanks for bissiting us! We yam luffing da Cat Blogersfeer and liffing wid da Blakc Cat coz she ain’t got no d-a-w-g-s to chaes us and she yam spoyling us rotten, heheh!

    Luffs, da Simba and tha Alfie (and da Blakc Cat too!) 🙂 xxx

  23. You all have healthy looking tongues.

  24. Tuesday Toungueday!
    That nap nanner looks like its seen better days, unless its just the light making it look mangy……

  25. We lick our nip naner and our nip rainbow too!

  26. Oh boy! We like all the tongue pics! We are gonna have to post some of our tongues too! *purrs*

  27. Oah Nip toys are the best!!!

  28. Oh how sweet all your little pink tongues are!

  29. Hahahaha! Those are too funny! Yes, that’s one of the two t’s that Callie didn’t get in her pics today, the other being teeth. Maybe next time!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  30. Oh my, that banana looks rather over-ripe…. does that make them taste better??

    Abby & Stygia

  31. Ha! Ha! My mom has been trying to get pictures like that!

  32. Luckily we already had a good tongue photo to share. It’s a great competition!

  33. I see I have to instruct my human to get me some of that stuff too, because you sure seem to be having a lot of fun!
    Thanks for your visit, guys!

  34. Oh, Wally you have a banana – we have those too! They are wonderful – I hope the other toys are as good!

  35. Siena licks our valerian/catnip toys too. I’m more for sniffing them.
    Purrs, Chilli

  36. lol, those are great pics! Uh, that nip naner looks like it has been used a lot!

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