Easy E Sunday

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Jul 052009


Look what we saw this morning…


It looked like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie!!

Happens every time the bird feeder gets filled…

And the noise they were making…


How’s a cat suppose to get any sleep with all that racket???


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  1. Oh, why would you want to sleep? I’m a twitching listening to that…I look out my window and see no flock of birdies! Can you get outside to chase them?

  2. Yes, I was thinking the same thing as Cory! I would think it would be a great show for you watch and listen to, Ernie! Better than firecrackers, anyway.

    Maybe it’s just a little too intimidating when there’s that many birds all at once — like you said, shades of Alfred Hitchcock!

    Enjoy your nap!

  3. These birds are very beautiful =)
    Great video!

    Jas & Gi

  4. yes, how distracting, poor thing,lol

  5. We’re trying to find the birdies in Mom’s computer!! When we put out a feeder we get lots of big green parrots!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Thank you for supporting Purrs 4 Peace. I always luv stopping by your blog(s). Those birds look delicious. I am finding it difficult to remember I’m supposed to be peaceful today. Purrs. Alley Mason aka Confucius Cat

  7. Oh the cheek of it ~ keeping you awake like that! You might hafta chase them away so you can havva snooze.

    Ernie desperately wanted sleep
    but all he could hear was the continual peep
    Of the birdies eating up their food;
    which was really rather exceptionally rude.
    ‘Cos the food was put there to help them along,
    not so they could wake Ernie wiv their song!
    So to cut to the chase
    Ernie must bury his face
    under a cushion, to dim the sound
    of the birdies singing all around.

    Milo (the poet)

  8. Oh wow, what a bird show that is! Hey Ernie…is that an angel cat statue in your yard, or is it just a cat statue?…or is it a real cat about to jump in the middle of all those birds?
    Enjoy your Easy Sunday!
    your pal,

  9. Wow! Look at all those birds. You have some entertainment in your yard! You must be worn out from watching them.

  10. I can understand why you needed a nap! Bird watching can be exhausting!!

  11. Some very LOUD birds have moved into the tree next to our house this year, Ernie, so we sympathize! We like birds that don’t yak all the time.

    P.S. Our mom says your yard is beautiful! She can tell the humans work very hard on it – and what a good place for a feeder!

  12. Is it the noise that is keeping you awake or are you thinking of many receipies that you could use some of those birdies?
    Hope you had a good Fourth of July time!

  13. What a great Sunday Brunch Buffet! We’ll be right over, Ernie!

  14. So many birds, so litle time – between naps that is!

  15. Lots of birds, lots of noise! We hope you get your nap in despite all that, Ernie.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  16. That would be a hard choice. Watch the birds or nap. Well, may be not!

  17. Wow, a lot of birdies!

    Hope you get some sleep, Ernie!

  18. But the birdie noises are a lot nicer than the boomie noises from the night before!

  19. hahah WOAH! what a view! I would have jaw lock a cause I woulds have been chattering so hard hehe

  20. Black birdies are my favorites, especially the really big ones!
    Hope you guys had a good 4th!

  21. Loki has the same problem, nanny is feeding the birds, and I’m inside… watching the nice juicy birds. Not fair!!!


  22. Whoa Ernie I would be entranced all day with that many fev-vers around!


  23. Go out there and meow them the riot act! Don’t they know that no cat got any sleep on the 4th?

  24. Yes, we are celebrating Christmas in July and we were partnered with two darling little pugs, Winson and Clementine Churchill. How about you guys?

  25. That is exciting! Lots and lots of birdies! Your right it is sort of is like the movie “The Birds!”

  26. I get lots of birds outside of my kitchen window. It drives me mad!!!

  27. We get that with doves when Dad fills the feeder.

  28. I know what you mean!
    around here the squirrels make me very nervous, they come too close to the window


  29. Thanks for the vote!
    Wow, look at all those birdies…… Pawsome cat tv!
    Sorry your moms staycation is over. We’ll be very sad come next Monday.

  30. Ohh lots of birdies to watch. We hope they calmed down and let you get some sleep though.

  31. You don’t want to chase the birds?

    I wonder if they make earplugs for cats…

  32. Too many birds to chase – now, just one would be just purrrrrrfect.

  33. Ok, I have to say that I agree about the Hitchcock movie thing – whenever I see a big group of birdies I say the same thing – of course part of that is that I was traumatized by The Birds as a child and the other part is that my last name is also Hitchcock. But with a lot of birds, well, you just have to be careful – you don’t know what they could do.

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