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I’ve been warned that tomorrow’s the 4th of July…the one day that the humans celebrate by making really loud boomers!!!  I don’t like the boomers so I’m gonna stay here safe in the confines of my hidey hole.  So, lady with the yellow hair, you’ll wanna serve me my meals over here…cuz I’m not coming out until all the craziness is over!!!

Oh yeah…the lady with the yellow hair reminded me that I was born right around this time of year so that makes me 2 years old now!  Well, I don’t remember much about being born…I think my life really began when I was gotcha’ed and brought to live on the Island.  But if having a birthday gets me some extra treats…I’m all for it!

Now if only I could get the boomers to stop….


  25 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Hiding Out”

  1. Happy birthday, Zoey! We have approximate birthdays too.

    And we completely agree about the booms – this is not our favorite holiday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Zoey! We hope the sky is quiet for you:)

  3. Happy Birthday, Zoey! You’re right, your life started when you became an Island Cat!

    We had boomers here on Wednesday. You’re better off hiding!

  4. When we first looked at that we thought you were Gemini for a second! I hope you have a good birthday in spite of the noise. Perhaps after we can do a real celebration with some ham.

  5. Happy birthday, Zoey!! Lucky you, being an Island Cat!!

    You should hide in there for several days, the boomers may start early.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

    PS – We haven’t learned how to fly on our boogie mats yet!

  6. Happy Birthday Zoey! Do you have room in there for us? Mom is closing the windows, turning on the air and tv to help drown out the boomers for us.

  7. Hi Zoey – Happy Birthday!! I don’t blame you for hiding during all the noise. Humans don’t realize how tramautic fireworks are for their pets. Kevin & Sharon’s daughter, Jesea, is a vet nurse in Texas. She is working tomorrow during the emergency shift & they are prepared to be very busy. People need to be a little more considerate of us animals.
    Hang in there!
    Love ya,

  8. Happy Independance Day
    Without Boum Boum ! please !

    ViVi & AB

  9. We hope you are having a lovely happy birthday ~ but you’re right … GOTCHA days are the bestest ~ ‘cos that’s when you’re in your forever home!

    Alfie doesn’t know his exact birthday either (‘cos he was born feral in a field) but Mom gave him an offishul birthday (like HRH The Queen of England). Mom said if it was OK for her Maj to have an offishul birthday then it was OK for Alfs too!!!! And I agree! So Alf’s offishul birthday is 1st September.

  10. We do not like the boomers either! Maybe we can start a petition to end the boomers…just pretty but silent fireworks!

    Enjoy your safe hidey hole and have a very Happy Birthday with lots of treats! Milk it.

  11. I completely understand how you feel, Zoey. I don’t enjoy the fireworks either; however, this year, there will probably not be any due to the tremendous drought that has been happening here. It’s just too dangerous for the humans to run around with fiery contraptions.

    I do hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  12. Catnip helps dull the BOOMER sounds!


  13. Happy birthday then!
    So is the whole craze in the U.S. all about you being born? Wow, you’re really a VIP!
    Anyway, these humans are so strange… No idea why they fance so much noise…
    purrs and love

  14. oh that is a good idea. i already don’t like the little booms, momma calls them snap bangs and firecrackers. no no no fireworks!

    marko meowii

  15. Happy Birthday, sweet Zoey!! Yes, your life did begin when you got gotcha’d by your wonderful family!!

    Think we all need to invest in some ear plugs!

    Happy 4th of July to all of you!

  16. Just pretend that the boomers are in celebration of your birthday!

  17. We hide too. Its OK…

  18. A perfect spot to celebrate the holiday and birthday! Breakfast in bed… as it should be. Thanks for playing my eyewatch game. Next week I’ll include some of my katpals.


  19. The boomers have started at my house too!

  20. Happy birthday Zoey! I hope the noise is not too scary for you.

  21. Happy Birthday!!! I’m two too.

  22. OMC Holy blog! Somehow I missed my favorite day of the week post (Zoey Day as we call it) and it was your BIRTHDAY!!

    If I could fire my staff I would! I even questioned Mom (did we see Zoey today? yes she said, remember she was sniffing something? I knew she was wrong!)

    I hope you can forgive Mom.

  23. Happy Birthday Zoey. We hope you got extra treats!

  24. so nice… it’s like camouflage 🙂 it’s like she’s saying: don’t mind me, i just want to sleep 🙂

  25. Oh, I think that is a wonderful hiding place. I am late commenting so I hope it wasn’t too loud for you!

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