Jun 302009


Oh Ernie!  This is the life, isn’t it??

 Yeah, Wally…we got it good!!

 Are you going over to House Panthers today??

I already was there, Wally!
Click HERE
to see what I was up to!!


  28 Responses to “Two on Tuesday”

  1. Looking good! We wish we had a spot like that – window seats are the best. And we really liked Ernie’s House Panthers today.

  2. Yep – that’s the good life!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. You guys are just too cool! Great window seat!

  4. That window looks like a great place to spend the day and keep an eye on your territory.!

  5. So nice to see brofurs gettin’ along so well☺

  6. Yes, Ernie, you and Wally sure have a good thing going, there! And boy, you sure get around, don’t you? I just came from seeing you at the House Panthers blog. I’m sure your mama wants to keep you from going blind, though!

  7. What a fabulous good life friends!
    Adorable view from this window.
    purrs and love

  8. Yep – being a house cat is GOOD! Enjoy!

  9. That is the good life. I need to find a nice place to nap in the sun today…

  10. Life is good!! You guys got it made!

    We’re gonna head over to house panthers!

  11. My Mom is taking a staycation on Thursday and Friday and Monday – we are looking forward to it because she won’t clean, she’ll realx and watch movies and we get treats and lap time and all sorts of attention!

  12. That’s a lovely window seat you two have there! Have a nice day:)

  13. You boys sure look comfy! What did you do with Zoey, though? Chase her off?

    Saw you on House Panthers already, Ernie, be careful with those blinds!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  14. That looks like a good way to spend the day!

  15. Oh man life would be Awesome with a window seat like that!

  16. I wish I had a window seat like that. I don’t think I’d ever move.

  17. His and his pillows. What a life…indeed!

  18. That window seat is awesome, boys! We bet you don’t miss a thing from there!

  19. THAT is definitely the life of Riley…MOM who is Riley?


  20. You have definitely got it good! That makes me happy.

  21. You two boys are something else!

  22. You guys have such a great spot! Envious yet happy for yout!!


  23. My nanny wished that she was a cat …Because You both got it made!

    Big hugs,


  24. Hmmm, time for mom to join you in that window seat!

  25. Looks like you guys are living the life there!

  26. You two really do hang out together!

  27. Life is cool!
    We love these sunny hot days….
    ViVi & AB

  28. You are so lucky! I wish I had a window seat like that.

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