Jun 292009


Hey, Ernie…did you know mom’s gonna be home all week with us??

Yeah, Wally…she says she’s taking a staycation!
We’re gonna have some fun!!!

I dunno about that, Ernie…she’s on a cleaning frenzy today!
I think we better stay clear of her…
or else she’s gonna clean us too!!!

 Okay, boys…it’s time to vacuum!!


Oh no!  Not the rug sucking monster!!
Ernie!!!  RUN!!!

Hey, Wally…think I can get out this window???


  35 Responses to “ManCats – Mom’s Staycation!”

  1. Just a hint guys, if you stay very still, that rug-sucking monster won’t notice you, and it will go away after a little while.

    How wonderful for you two, that your mom is going be home with you all week!

  2. Happy Monday! We really dislike the vacuum too and think it’s totally unnecessary (our dad hates it also – good for him!)

    We hope your mom has a great staycation – we think those are the best kind for cats!

  3. Well she can’t clean non stop can she? She will have to spend some extra time with you. We hate the sucky monster too.

  4. It sounded like the purrfect staycation until you mentioned the word “rug sucking monster”! Yikes!

  5. wow take care okay guys! Nice to know about the vacation! She certainly deserves it!
    Have a lot of fun together!
    purrs and love

  6. Glad that your mom is going to be a whole week with you! This is very good, you will receive much affection in the time you want =)

    Jas & Gi

  7. Wow! A whole week. I wish my human would stay home more and just pay attention to me. Even when she is home, she tends to go running around… sigh.

  8. Dad chased us all over the house with the vacuum this weekend. He tried to tell us if we just stayed still on a high place he’d be gone and we’d be OK, but we wouldn’t listen. Enjoy your week with Mom and good luck putting your hairs back on everything.

  9. The vacuum monster is the worst. But just remember, when she’s finished with it she’ll have so much more time to spend with you 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week with your mom.

  10. We hope dat youz guyz got saved frum dat rug sucker. We gotz one a’ dem too an’ dey is terrible noisy☺ Save yourselves, boys, it’z ebby man-cat fur himself!

  11. We hope your Mom takes some of her time to spend with you!

  12. That rug sucking machine is bad news…we totally lose mousies and soccer balls all the time to that thing!

    Hope your Mom has a great staycation!

  13. Enjoy the staycation with your mom! Our mom and dad are having their staycations next week! We can’t wait!

  14. Our Dad’s on a staycation too – ‘cos of his poorly eye. Staycations are great fun! Enjoy yours.

  15. Remember when a staycation was just a week off work? My people used to do that all the time. They’re too cheap to go anywhere…

  16. I also hate the rug sucking monster and avoid it. If your mum gets all her cleaning done, she will have lots of time for you.. Yipee…

  17. Staycations are fun if your Mom stays home and pays attention to you. We don’t like the sucky monster and think it should be outlawed during staycations.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  18. Oh noes, not the rug sucking monster!!! Have you ever noticed that when you run away from it, the monster eventually goes to where you are? It goes everywhere!

  19. I’m with you guys – no rug-sucking monster!!! It should be banned from use in all cat homes. I hide under the bed when I see it – very scary!!!!!

    Lucky for you guys that your mom will get all that extra time with you!

  20. That rug monster is sucky!

  21. What? No Dancing Queen?

  22. I’m so happy for you that your Mom gets to be home all week. You’ll have lots of quality time as soon as she gets done cleaning! Have fun!!

  23. the expression in the last shot is priceless!!

    enoy your time off

  24. I hate that monster!! That’s so exciting that your mom is staying home with you all week! I wish mine could stay with me!

  25. Hope she settles into some nice nap time.

  26. Oh boy a Staycation! Mom gets one of those at the end of July! The good part about cleaning frenzies is that she will wear herself out then you can nap on her!

  27. Oh, that’s nice that mom gets to stay and keep you company. Cleaning frenzies don’t last long, not if my SS is anything to go by.

  28. How wunnerful that yur Momma’s gonna be home with you! Look out fur the sucking monstur!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  29. I am sure your mom will spend some quality time with you!

    Personally, I am deathly afraid of the “fur the sucking monstur!”

  30. That is wonderful, a whole week staying with you!

  31. Wally, you have the big scared eyes!

  32. Enjoy your week with your mom. My mum pulled out the sucky machine tonight, so I had to run out my catdoor and hide outside til it was over.

  33. Have a great week!!!

  34. We hope your staycation is going better now and that the rug sucking monster is gone. Get lots of extra rubs and skritches while mom’s home!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  35. Your mom is so lucky – I would love to have a staycation where I could hang out with my kitties for a week! Sounds wonderful!

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