Jun 262009

Remember my string toy??  It’s one of my favorites.

This is the movie that won me my Acatemy Award from Fin.
I thought you’d all enjoy seeing it again…

 Oh yeah!  I love whapping that string toy!!

But after all that whapping,
my poor string toy ends up like this…



Guess I don’t know my own whapping strength!!

 Hey lady with the yellow hair!  Come fix my string toy!
I got me some more whapping to do!!


  28 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Whapping Strength”

  1. Zoey, that disgusted look on your face tells the tail! Hey, lady!

  2. Hey I love that string toy….and congrats on your acatamy award – you deserve it for that performance!

  3. Enjoy all that fun whapping, Zoey!!!

    Happy weekend to all of you!

  4. That’s a lot of whapping strength, Zoey! You really do deserve your award

  5. Great action Zoey…I LOVE your movie too:)

  6. Will string whapping be an event in the 2012 Olympics?

  7. whappity whap whap whap

  8. That is a great video! Did the lady fix it? How many times?

  9. This toy seems to be very fun, I want one =)

    Jas & Gi

  10. LOL the look on your face says it all. I hope your mum fixed it for you.

    HUgs GJ xx

  11. That looks like an extreme aerobic workout! I think you should sell your tapes to the public. I know I would use it. (stares at his flub)

  12. I hope they get that down quickly. There is nothing worse than wanting to play and not reaching your string!

  13. You truly are a wonderful whapper!!!

  14. Hey Zoey, that string thing looks pretty neat.

    I read about your folks discovering what poison Ivy is. My Mom had poison ivy radar now since she got into a patch of it a long time ago and got a real bad rash. This was before I was ever around. However, I once walked through some poison ivy and then Mom picked me up and I put my paw on her bare shoulder. She ended up with a pawprint shaped rash on her shoulder! That was funny (although she didn’t think so…)

  15. Zoey, I would certainly say you don’t know you’re own strength! That’s some whap you got! You sure killed it!

  16. hahah funny post and I have enjoyed a lot this video!
    I hope mommy can fix your string toy!
    Cool post!
    have a great weekend dear friends!
    purrs and love

  17. Zoey, we luvs seeing you in action! You are such a beautiful, floofy girl.

  18. Wow, what whapping strength you have, Miss Zoey!

    On another note, we gotta get us one of those!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  19. Wow! You sure whapped that toy a lot. But we noticed you only whapped it while you were sitting. Is that your secret to successful whapping?

  20. You sure know how to whap that thing real good, Zoey:)

  21. You whapped dat toy of youz so hard we think you are a kity-catty dat must work out! You do, don’t you? We fink we saw you at da gym da other day☺

  22. You’re just too good at whapping!

  23. Oh this is a true classic! Love that back paw action too!


    We love that video. We’re gonna watch it again before we go. No wonder you won an Acatemy Award for it. It’s great!

  25. That string toy looks really fun! I will tell nanny to get me one.


  26. Zoey you are busting some very slick moves there, all that thrashing floof is a wonder! This is an excellent video!

    Whicky Wuudler

  27. It’s so hard to teach the help these days…

  28. Oh that looks like such a cool string toy – I hope that someone got that string down for you!

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