Tabby Toesday!

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Jun 232009


Sometimes you gotta work hard to keep your toesies clean…


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  1. It’s hard work – but very important 😉

  2. Wanna do mine next Wally?

  3. hey so good to see you at Pet Pride
    made my day!
    life is good!


  4. Wally, you don’t know how much I love the scrunched up nose of a kitty cleaning their toes! You look adorable!

  5. It can be a full time job sometimes.

  6. Clean toesies is furry impawtant!

  7. hehe Wally you is a magician! I thoughts half of your paw was missing! hehe

  8. This is so cute! And we’re glad to hear that you actually clean your toes – can you come over and give lessons to Franklin :)?

  9. The nose crinkle gets us every time!!!

  10. it is very hard work but, Wally, you do such a great job! Cute picture!

  11. Obviously you are up to the task cause your toes always look fantastic. That is a great picture!

  12. I agree with you!
    But you did a great job, looks beautiful!

    Jas & Gi

  13. Yes, lots of stuff can get stuck between them can’t it?

  14. Wally, you are SO adorable cleaning your toesies and the bestest part is your widdle wrinkled nosie! *purrs*

  15. hahaha great work dear friend! You are completely right!
    purrs and love

  16. It’s very im-purr-tant ta keep toesies sparklin’ clean cuz you just nebber know when youz momma wantz ta kiss dem☺

  17. Yup you have to work the look. Get in the corners now..

    Hugs GJ x

  18. Yep, you’re right Wally!

  19. You’re doing good, Wally! 🙂

    Bugsy thanks you all for your purrs, he came out of surgery just fine and will be home tomorrow!!

    Purrs and hugs back atcha,
    The Kitty Krew

  20. Sometimes, it’s hard to live up to your own standards, too. Especially when it’s wet Outside.

  21. That’s what helps to make you such a handsome ManCat, Wally!

  22. Yes Wally, cleaning toes is very impawtant and I keep mine very clean too. Mum just wishes Eric would clean his when he comes in from the garden and before he jumps on the bed. Flynn.

  23. do a gud job kleanin yur toesies.

  24. Your hard work has definitely paid off. Your toesies are perfect.

  25. It’s not easy keeping toes clean — looks like you have it down to a science though!

  26. Oh, Wally, you are an excellent toe cleaner — and you wrinkle your nose up just like I do!!!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  27. You seem to be really getting into the nitty-gritty of those toes! Good work!

  28. You are doing a great job keeping those toes clean!

  29. a cat’s job is never done!

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