Jun 222009

Over the past few days, we’ve had a few visitors.  In addition to momma duck (who, by the way, is back and is sitting on her nest), this bunny came to visit…


Don’t even think about eating those begonias, bunny!

And this baby robin…


And this evil squirrel…


Hey you, squirrel!  You’re lucky this door is between us!!

And this baby starling sitting on our roof…


But there was one visitor we had that wasn’t welcome!


Poison Ivy!!!
It’s the 3 leafed plant growing in with the English Ivy.)

Mom and dad decided to clean out the “weeds” growing in the English Ivy.  Being the city slickers they are, they didn’t even think about poison ivy!  We won’t gross you out with pictures of their itchy rashes…but mom says something called Calamine is her new best friend!  Once they stop scratching, they’ve gotta make this unwanted visitor go away for good!!


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  1. Oh noes! Itchy ivy is awful, almost as bad as chiggers. Mom’s nephew just got into poison ivy last week.

  2. My Dad learned the hard way when we moved to O Hi O. He pulled them out of a garden with no gloves. Bad, bad idea.
    We had never seen Poison Ivy before. In Kansas City, it isn’t around much. Here, it’s everywhere!

  3. Poison Ivy – yikes. I don’t think we get that over here in the Yookay. I liked all your wildlife though and lots of it was edible too. FAZ

  4. Your poor Mom and Dad! We don’t have that around here but my Mom got into it when she was small and she still remembers the itching!

    Your ‘wanted’ visitors are cool…although that squirrel is definitely lucky you had a door between you, Wally!

  5. Wow, lots of cute visitor!!!
    Except the nasty poison ivy!!! Hope their rashes go away quickly!

  6. Oh dear. We didn’t even know that poison ivy itches! We hope your beans are better soon.

  7. Oh no…not poison ivy! Sharon has had that enough times to know…It’s NOT fun and the horrible part of it is that it takes so long for it to run its course! Oatmeal baths are good too!

  8. Poison Ivy!!! OH NO! In your very own yard! Thats awfully sneaky of it. Good thing you didn’t go out and roll in it. Purrs to your mom and dad.

  9. We have never seen Poison Ivy before. We are glad we don’t get it here. The rest of your visitors looked very interesting.

  10. I feel for your mom and dad – I avoid poison ivy like the plague. I don’t even like looking at the photo! We only have it in one corner of our yard, and I put the brush pile there on purpose. They make a kind of RoundUp that is especially for poison ivy, but it’s really difficult when it’s mixed in with plants you want to keep.

  11. No wonder that bunny hangs out in your yard with that smorgasbord of purrty flowers! We hope you are being compensated well for your protecting your house.

  12. You seem to have fun with these animals =)
    Have a great week!

    Jas & Gi

  13. Wow. I like your earlier visitors best. I hope my human doesn’t go and pull up any poison ivy when she gets around to weeding…

  14. PS. Don’t believe the old wives tale that eating the Poison Ivy will make you immune to it! It won’t, it will just make you miserable on the inside! Also, if you live where you can burn your trash, DO NOT burn poison Ivy! It puts stuff in the smoke that you can inhale ans then you for it in your lungs! No one has done this at our house, bur mom has been involved in Girl Scouts and taught many girls about this vile plant!

  15. What a lovely array of tasty items on the menu at your house. Oh sorry I mean, what fabulous wildlife. I’m glad we don’t get poison ivy in the UK, horrid stuff. Hope your humans heal up soon and stop itching!

    Whicky Wuudler

  16. Mom hates Ivy. She saids it takes over everything. I myself thinks its beautiful. When she lets me go outside I love to sniff it, so she leaves one patch in the yard for me. She says I’m special. Looks like you are special kitties too.

  17. Oh no the evil poisen ivy. It itches like crazy and sometimes makes you unwell. Take care please.

    I loved all your other visitors though. Een the squirell..

    Hugs GJ x

  18. Ewwww! I feel so sorry for your mom and dad! Itchy isn’t nice. Maybe a nice oatmeal bath would be soothing — that’s what I take when I have hives.

    What a wonderful show you get from your windows and doors, Wally and Ernie!
    It’s always fun to have a free peepshow especially when you’re all safe and snug inside.

  19. So nice birds who are singing, we spend hours watching, our best are the swallows

    ViVi & AB

  20. I don’t understand much about gardening neither mommy here! opsss 🙂
    But I think it is okay and a great idea!
    I loved all pictures and that bird is cute singing!The little bunny looks clever and that squirrel hummmm…be careful about!We love your blog ! It is always creative and cute!

  21. Oh, your poor mom and dad. We hope they feel better soon. We’ve had bunny visitors here too (though we haven’t seen them lately) but never had a squirrel come that close! Wow!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  22. Wow. What a lot of visitors. We don’t think we’ve got poison ivy over here. But i does sounds nasty.

  23. Wow, you have had a lot of visitors! We have had a few too, but mostly all ducks. And that poison ivy – never would have even thought that woudl show up in someones yard – I only thought it was in the forest! I hope your mom and dad stop itching soon!

  24. Yikes! We are very sorry about your itchies!!! *scratch, scratch*

  25. Mommies bean son spotted a coyote last night. Boomer was having ice tea withdraw so he had to go around to Turkey Hill and get some…when he stopped at the end of our short street, there it was crossing the road! YIKES!!! Oh Mommy also got attacked by the vicious poison ivy and was about going crazy when she found, Cortaid, poison ivy care spray. She washed off the stupid stuff she was using and by the next day and only three sprays, it was dried up and healed!!!! …….The 2fl. oz isn’t cheap but it sure saves your sanity!!! (Mom said that) We hope you get un-itchy soon!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  26. I’ve thankfuly never been around poison ivy. I hear it’s terrible, though! I’m very sorry to hear about the terrible visitor that’s invading your space, but atleast you have all those other good animals to look at!

  27. Our Dad just got over a massive case of poison ivy! He wouldn’t let us take pictures of it either:( Party Pooper!

  28. Look at all those visitors!

    Thanks for the purrs for Mom’s dad. He’s doing better today.

  29. Interesting looking squirell … wish I could have seen that!
    Posin Ivy… yucky mom tells me she got that once on one of her trips back east.

  30. Must be summer time with all these critters visiting! Just make sure to keep those paws off that poison ivy…

  31. The Bunny is darling but the rash has to go! Sorry for your Mom!

  32. You guys have a lot of visitors!! I have some birdies that are torturing me outside my window.

  33. Our momma is sending lots and lots of tender thoughts to youz momma and dada because she knows how bad they is itchin’!

  34. hi guys! would love to have you on board at Pet Pride a fun meme for pets from all over the world. it begins every sunday and is on through the week ever week! cya soon!


  35. It’s been a busy week at your place, hasn’t it?

  36. You have some very cute and interesting visitors and a lovely garden. Purrs to your parents. Not nice at all !!!!

  37. Mmm, guess your Mom and Dad are scratching like cats Huh?? Looks like you live in a place where interesting things come around and taunt you.


  38. That is a lot of wildlife visitors!
    Hope your mom is not too itchy! You know we hate it when we are itchy!

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