May 162024

I just wanted to check in and say thank you to all of you who have reached out to me after the loss of Ernie. Your comments, emails, texts, messages and cards are helping me get through this very sad time. Knowing how much others loved him and enjoyed seeing him warms my heart.

Ernie lying on the bed
Photo taken in November 2020

Losing Ernie has been difficult. I knew he wouldn’t live forever but it wasn’t easy to face that reality. I miss my silly boy…those eyes of his…and those massive paws!

For the first time in 42 years there isn’t a cat in my home. And it’s a feeling that is hard to get used to…and one I don’t particularly like. The house is too quiet now.

I don’t know where this blog will go now. After more than 16 years of blogging…yes, it’s been that long…there are a lot of memories here. Memories of Wally, Zoey and Ernie. And I can’t just let them go. So I need some time to deal with this tremendous loss, and to think about where I go from here.

Thank you again for all your kind words of condolence…and for loving Ernie, too.


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  1. Angel Sammy, Teddy and I loved (and still love) your Ernie with all our hearts. A man of few words but wise and kind oh so brave. We will miss him forever – I hope he and Sammy enjoyed a big manly hug at the Bridge. Do what you NEED to do in this “awkward” period – I took time after Sammy left to figure out where to go but I guess the day I visited the shelter and saw Teddy kind of determined that to a great degree – we just kept on going. Sending you hugs – I know it’s not much but it’s genuine and from my heart.

    Love, Pam

  2. Sending more hugs and prayers

  3. We’ll be here for whatever you choose to do in the future, and take all the time that you need.
    Hugs and purrs.

  4. It took me a long time to adjust to an empty house. It’s hard. Take your time and do what is best for you, there is no rush to make any decisions. Sending you hugs and Light.

  5. Sue, I can only imagine how quiet the house is and how lonely you are without Ernie. ‍⬛ Hopefully, in the future you can open your heart to another fur baby. I absolutely know I’d go nutty in a totally animal empty house. Sending lots of hugs, Janet

  6. omg! that feeling of coming home to no cat in the house is one that i will never forget after honey sunshine was gone. it a feeling that is hard to express with words.

  7. Thank you for checking in. We all know the pain of such loss and all feel we have lost close friends when blogging friends cross the Bridge.

    Mourning is a different process for everyone but as we all know, “everyone wants to be an island cat” so we hope that there will be a new generation of island cats to love and laugh with very soon.

    Purrs and Hugs,
    The Chans and #1

  8. We miss him too. We hope he sends a new furbaby to help you heal soon.

  9. Hugs and purrs, and take the time you need. We know how it feels to lose kitties. And we miss Ernie, too.

  10. My memory is that they are still there, in some quiet kind of way, at least for awhile yet, maybe just out of sight … somehow their presence lingers on for a time, in you. Ernie, even Wally and Zoey. I remember them all, though have no memory of our first meeting. Each special in their own way. And each always will be. Of course they will, even as time works its strange magic … we do share in your loss, you’re not alone.

  11. We can only sch what the others have said : take your time grieving Ernie – and Wally and Zoey too.
    Many memories to sustain you.

  12. We all feel the loss of Ernie as he was such a big part of the blogosphere for so long. Sending you hugs.

  13. We’re definitely all missing your beloved Ernie. He, and Wally and Zoey before him, will love in our hearts and memories forever. Sending love, purrs, and hugs to you, dear Sue.

  14. We all miss Ernie so much. As someone who has always had just one cat at a time, the emptiness in the house after they’re gone is just unbearable. How can such a small being leave such a gigantic hole? I hope when the time is right you’re able to open your heart to another kitty who needs the amazing home you can provide. Ernie (and Zoey and Wally) will send just the right one.

  15. Totally understand Sue! I’ve had cats in my life for 56 years…..I can imagine the silence is deafening…..Take all the time you need. Maybe there is a senior Kitty who would like to be an Island Cat!I hope our card arrived safely.
    (((hugs))) BellaSita Mum

    Mee-yow Miss Sue wee reeleeved to heer from you…….but still furry sad that Ernie leeved! Wee all loved Ernie! THE Island Catss were THE bestest
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~

  16. What a lovely piece yuu wrote about losing Ernie. We both lost our kitties within nonths of one another, and I can only offer this to you: working through your loss and grief might just be a bit easier if you share some of Ernie’s words of wisdom and photos with us for a little while until things settle out (which takes time, that’s for sure…) but he is not gone from your heart or our hearts and who knows when another kitty might find you…..a difficult thought but so many have no home or love and you never know….we loved Ernie so much as did so many. And yes, the blog question is there. But it helped me so much to have L ‘talking’ to me after she left.

  17. You have a wonderful pet-friendly home and I hope when you are ready a pet in need will adopt you.

  18. Ernie and all your cats were very special indeed. Milo and Alfie started blogging 16 years ago too, and were very proud to become ‘island cats’. Those were lovely happy innocent days, that we thought would last forever. As you probably know, we lost our darling boy Milo to cancer in 2021, Alfie is still with us, age 16 soon. And like you, I dread our home being an ’empty nest’ … with no cats in it one day. Huge condolences for the loss of precious Ernie, we loved him so. Hugs.
    Nothing is lost that love remembers.

  19. TBT: I have admit that I didn’t realize that Ernie was your only cat. Some bloggers just focus on one of several, and some have only one. I had one cat at a time decades ago and was devasted when they crossed The Bridge .

    But I have always thought that when one door closes, another opens. The 2 newest ones here came from a local shelter. And Lori was not thrilled. But things are settling down.

    At the shelter, there was a community room for the friendlier csats. You could watch them on a TV screen or sit inside. When I sat inside, 2 came over and liked me. I was looking for one, but I took both.

    It was awkward in the house for several months, but things are calm now. I don’t regret it.

    You probably won’t be happy without a cat. A new one won’t replace Ernie, of course, but it may become beloved in different ways.

    My blog started with Skeeter and LC (both old). They left. Then it was Ayla and Iza and Marley. Ayla and Iza left. Marley is elderly. and will leave me in a couple years. But there is Lori, Loki, and Binq (all youngish).

    I couldn’t bear to be without a couple. I hope you will find a new companion cat. Our thoughts to you.

  20. We miss Ernie too. We send our tightest hugs.❤️

  21. hang in there. it’s been over a year but I still miss Theo every day.

  22. Take your time…I truly understand your feeling of loss and the quietness of the house.

    We had a pets in our house for nearly 40 years. Every crook and cranny has a story to tell
    Hugs Cecilia

  23. I am so sorry to read about the loss of Ernie. He always brought a big smile to my face. Sending you peace and found memories.

  24. No matter which direction you choose to go, may you find peace and know the support of friends.

  25. Each of my kitties has had a unique personality and was irreplaceable. But I came to believe that they all would want me to take care for other cats that need homes. So, eventually other kitties have found there way here. You are so right. It’s to quiet. I also get tired of talking to myself… Take all the time you need to mourn Ernie — no need to rush. Whatever you decide will be the right thing for you.

  26. It’s not easy by any means. Even if you know they won’t be around forever, it’s still so painful to lose them. Smudge’s mom and I pretty much set ourselves up for it by being senior kitty lovers, but we can’t help ourselves. It’ll get a bit easier with time, though I know firsthand that they stay in one’s heart for eternity. Be well, our thoughts are with you, and you are not alone in your grief.

  27. Purrs, hugs and tons of love to you from all of us.

  28. I completely understand what you are going through. Once we lost all of our original “crew”, I was at a loss for what to do next. Even though we have new and wonderful animals, I’m just barely keeping the blog going because it is just not the same. But for others, they do keep going strongly. You will figure out what works for you, once you’ve had plenty of time to grieve. My heart is with you.

  29. We stopped by because we were thinking of Angel Ernie and you. We know it’s hurts a lot when you lose someone you loved so much and the emptiness that you feel inside also doesn’t make it easier, but there comes a time, that the grief makes place for a smile and with that smile, you’ll know that is was sent from heaven telling you ‘I’m still here with you’. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you ♥♥♥

  30. We dropped by to check up on you. We know it can take a long time – maybe forever – to get used to the loss of a furbaby. We send more purrs for your comfort. Maybe soon, Ernie will give you a sign where to go from here. Yes, he surely will do that…

  31. Sue I’ve been going down this pathway as you and I know your heart is still aching for your loss of Ernie and all that means. I also echo your feelings about blogging. I had been doing less and less but still I want the blog to remain open even if for occasional postings.

    But thank you for stopping by and leaving your warm words of comfort on the loss of my beloved Boo. I too find the same thing of the house being so quiet. Now there is just Annabelle and me, and she is going to be 13 this August. I couldn’t believe it; I kept telling myself she was 10. No, she’ll be 13. I know though with losing Boo it’s my final link to so much of the past few decades and it really stings. But, Abby taught me long ago in 2013 when I lost her, that I can survive. She prepared me well, but nevertheless it still hurts. One day it won’t hurt as much as it does now but that’s in the tuture. Thank you again.

  32. (((hugs))) to you. You will know in your heart what you should do on both fronts. You can always just keep this blog……blog if you want, when you want or not at all, the content will still be here. I understand. When my boys passed they pretty much took my desire to blog with them. So, I only blog when/if the mood hits. As for more cats……..if that is meant to be, the right kitty (or kitties) will find YOU!! You know that! (((hugs))) And….i miss that handsome boy too…….xoxo

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