Jun 212009


Aw, Dad…you’re the best head scritcher!

ย Happy Dad’s Day to you!!
And all the other cat dads out there!!!

ย (And happy first day of summer too!!!ย  Yay!)


  28 Responses to “Easy E Dad’s Day Sunday!”

  1. Be sure ta give youz da-da lotz of head butts an’ purrs taday. Da-da’s are very impurr-tant!

  2. Oh, Ernie… How cute! But perhaps today you should scratch your dad’s neck, no?
    purrs and love

  3. What a great Fathers Day gift! He gets to scritch your head! Ha!

    Have a great day!

  4. Happy Dad’s Day to your Daddy, Ernie! That’s such a sweet picture of the two of you!

  5. Happy Father’s Day to your dad!

  6. Happy Father’s Day!!!

  7. Happy Father’s day to your daddy!
    You look very happy!

  8. Oh Ernie those big beautiful eyes look like little gems!!
    I can see how excited you are to get scritches from your dadda, Vic and I both loves our dadda very much too!
    Happy daddas day to yours ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mushka -_-

  9. Ernie, you got a great Dad. He is a very speshul person! Even though I don’t call the Guy here my Dad (because he doesn’t like it) he is speshul too. He takes real good care of Mom and me too.

    Happy Dad’s Day to your speshul Dad.

  10. happy Fathers Day!

  11. Happy Dad’s day to your Dad, Ernie!

  12. Teaching the humans to scritch is very important. You seem to have done a good job.

  13. Happy Father’s Day to your dad!

  14. That’s a cute pic of you and your dad, Ernie. You and Zoey and Wally should give him some extra purrs and face licks today! Happy Father’s Day to the dad!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  15. Your Dad sure knows how to give good scritches, Ernie! Happy Father’s Day to your Dad!

  16. Hello and happy fathers day. That is a realy lovely photo of you both..

    Hugs GJ x

  17. Happy Father’s day to your dad!

  18. Happy Fathers day. That is a cute picture!

  19. Your dad learned good!

    Happy Father’s Day!


  20. Happy Father’s Day to your dad. He is a good scritcher.

  21. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad! It looks like he knows what he’s doing!

  22. Hi guys! You do have a great scritcher there! I love my dad too. Happy fathers day all around!

  23. Happy Dad’s Day to your Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Scritches are great and so are Dad’s that give good ones ๐Ÿ™‚
    We loved your box post too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for your kind words and purrs for Mickey!
    It is so nice to have so much support from our friends ๐Ÿ™‚

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  24. Happy Father’s Day to your dad!!

  25. He looks like a great scritcher!

  26. yoof tawt yur dad ta be a gud skritcher.

  27. Dads are the best

  28. Its allus good ta haf a Dad what is a good head scritcher!

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