Feb 222024

Oh that annoying camera. Even as I relax here in my cube, it searches for me…relentlessly…finally finding me and disrupting my morning snooze.

Ernie in his cube

No…I will not look at it. That would only serve to give it what it wants. I will look away and hope it tires of this game it plays and leaves me to my nap.


  26 Responses to “That Annoying Camera”

  1. That is rather a lovely photo, Ernie. There is something a bit magical and mysterious about it!

    The Chans

  2. Ernie I know what you mean. I can’t even take a bath without it!

  3. Oh, Ernie, I so feel your pain! What is it with these moms and their cameras?

  4. Ernie you look so handsome even majestic in your lovely cube. xx ‍⬛

  5. It’s a magic-camera to have gotten inside your cube! Your mama needs to share the secret with us …

  6. It’s not your Peeps fault Ernie, you are so cute they just have to share photos of you with us – and we’re thankful that they do.

  7. We know that feeling,too, Ernie…its the bane of all od us blogging furry ones!

  8. A darling picture of you Ernie! I think our cats totally get where you’re coming from though, there are many times I try to take a photo and they just won’t look my way!

  9. Those cameras are so annoying, but that is a good and unusual angle.

  10. Ernie, have you forgotten that the camera is ALWAYS THERE?

  11. Put your paws down Ernie…not treats no photos
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. How did she get a shot from inside the cube?

  13. Cute photo Ernie. I think my cat Scout feels the same way about cameras.

  14. The camera just can’t help itself!

  15. We enjoy seeing you Ernie so photos are a must. I do hope you got a good nap though!

  16. But then we don’t get to see your most wonderful self!

  17. I feel yore pain Ernie……suddenly THE cammyra appeered heer again two!! An BellaSita iss allwayss tryin to take fotoss of mee….Hu’man’ss are so funny!
    Mind you, that ISS a furabuluss foto mee frend!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

  18. Our camera is pretty good at “not the flashy”. Just needs room lights on. And we sure appreciate that!

  19. S’il vous plait!!! Get that %ˆ%$#!&%*&!! thingy OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! A guy needs some privacy, no?

  20. Oh Ern, trust me, you’re not alone in your camera sentiments! There are times I’ve come this close to whapping dad’s phone right outta his hands. Happy weekend, my man.

  21. That pesky camera is so rude, right Ernie? We hope you got a nap after being disturbed!

  22. Ernie, we feel for you. That phone camera thingy is always in our face too!

  23. But the camera loves you, Ernie!

  24. Your cube should be a sanctuary to peace and privacy!

  25. We understand, Ernie, but when there wasn’t a camera, we would never see that sweet face of you… ♥ Extra Pawkisses just for you 🙂 ♥

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