Feb 042024

You guys! It’s a lie around and do nothing kinda day.

Ernie lying around

Come to think of it…when you’re a cat…that’s pretty much every day, isn’t it?

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  30 Responses to “Easy E’s Lying Around Selfie”

  1. It sure is. I definitely don’t need an excuse to do that; though Mrs H insists otherwise, MOL

    • Ernie, feel free to lie about and do nothing whenever you feel like it.
      That’s a great Selfie – and absolutely encapsulates your Felinity.
      PeeEss. Your toesies are Out of This World.

  2. Ernie, that is our favorite pose for doing a selfie. And it shows off all those cute extra toesies you have

  3. A terrific shot, Ernie!
    You managed to show off one of your huge murder mitts, but oh so casually.

  4. I LOVE those toesies you have extra!

  5. It’s raining here so it’s a great day to lie around and do nothing, although my wife has other plans for me

  6. Raining here, too. Perfect lying-around day.

  7. Ernie that’s my favorite kind of day…….it’s the BEST way to pass time that I know of !

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. Yup! That sounds like our kinda purrfect, Ernie! Happy Sunday!

  9. Yep, lay around, laze, bug mum kind of day.

  10. Looking good, Ernie!

    The Chans

  11. dood thiz bee one awesum selfee !! hope yur see in sum sun up yur way !! 🙂 ♥♥

  12. Very cute selfie. XO

  13. Yep, it sure is a laying around kind of day. You are rocking a slow Sunday to purrfection!

  14. It is why everybody wants to be a cat . . . .

  15. Ernie you are working smarter not harder and OH what good results for your selfie
    Hugs Cecilia

  16. TBT seems busy all the time. So we relax to balance it out. We mean, someone has to take it easy most of the time, and it might as well be us! MOL!

  17. The BEST kind of day too!

  18. Yes, and that’s a totally purrfect lack of activity Ernie!

  19. Looks like a great day!

  20. Oh, Ernie you are an example to all of us…we kitties know how to lie around and do nothing better than ANY animal on earth. Imagine being a mouse for example, or a weasel!!! aRGGGGh.

  21. We have the best of all, Ernie, now we have to convince Granny that it is as it is…MOL…Double Pawkisses for an easy day 🙂 ♥

  22. Leisurely days are indeed, very cat-like, Ernie! Love this picture of you with your fabulous toesies extended!

  23. Yore rite butt Sunday iss fore loungin an takin Selfiess!! So iss a speshell day Ernie!
    An meow ’bout speshell….yore supurr speshell to us!
    Furabuluss Selfie 🙂
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

  24. Great lying about selfie dude! We are into it right now!

  25. We are late but wanted to catch up! Having one of those days is just fine we think!

  26. You are right, every day is a lying around kind of day.

  27. We love to loll around like that, too sometimes!!

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