Jan 112024

You guys! Y’know…we see a lot of squirrels around here. Brown ones, gray ones, black ones. Quite the variety. But the other day, I saw one that I hadn’t seen before.

Close up of Ernie
~Cute picture of me…just because~

You’ve heard of tuxedo cats, right? They’re usually mostly black with a white stomach and paws, making them look like they’re wearing a tuxedo. But have you ever seen a tuxedo squirrel?

Picture of black and white squirrel

Picture of black and white squirrel

This guy (or girl…I can’t tell the difference, can you?) showed up on our deck the other day. Check out the white belly and paws! I’ve never seen a squirrel with coloring like this. Have you?

Quite the interesting visitor!


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  1. I’ve seen blond squirrels (a few on campus over the years) , grey, red, and black ones, but nope, I’ve never seen a tuxedo squirrel! He’s very handsome!

  2. A skunk and squirrel mix? With the stripe on the belleh? Interesting.

  3. Ernie, I think this is the cutest wee squirrely EVER!
    This one is dressed for success.
    We often get black-furred squirrels with white tips to the tailios, but not one with a belly and toes.

  4. We first thought it was a skunk on the picture ! What a cute tuxedo squirrel ! Purrs

  5. He looks very handsome in his tuxedo. We just get boring grey ones here.

  6. ERNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE no never ever NO I have not. I knew squirrels were sneaky do you think he is trying to disguise himself as a tuxie cat hoping for a bit of food…. WOW I’m amazed and baffled and do keep us informed on this most unusual new species. I must google it
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. That is so cool. 🙂

  8. That is pretty darn amazing Ernie, we’ve never seen a squirrel like that either.

  9. He is absolutely amazing!!!

  10. Might be a cat in disguise

  11. Wikipedia says black and white squirrels are quite rare!

  12. How cute!!! What a special visitor!

  13. That is quite remarkable, Ernie! I only saw gray squirrels where I grew up, but now I see pics around the web of black squirrels from that area and others; never a tuxie, though. All gray where I live now too. That is a darling picture of you!

  14. OMC Ernie!!! Iss a Tuxie Squirrel!!!! WOW!!! Wee had a Black Squirrel here with a pure white tail. Butt wee nevurr seen a Tuxie one…yore so lukcy!!
    An yore foto iss so cute!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

  15. That is sure One Cool Skwerrel! We have never seen one like it. In fact, all a skwerrels here are just sort of gray. TBT says he has seen others that were brown, reddish, black and even white. But he used to travel, so he has an advantage on us about that.

    An he says that (possibly, maybe) that wasn’t a “normal” skwerrll. But what does HE know? We watch skwerrls a lot more than he does.

  16. Whoa! A tuxie squirrel! We’ve never seen one of those, Ernie!

  17. That is so cool!! I have never seen anything like it. I thought it was a skunk at first. About an hour drive from where i live there is a town famous for its white squirrels but i never saw a black and white squirrel. I feel like you should submit the photo to a nature magazine or contact a local university zoology department/local nature club and tell them about your cool discover!

  18. Ernie, we have never seen a black squirrel, let alone a tuxie squirrel – only grey or red squirrels. But it is rather cute.

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