Jan 072024

You guys! Ready for my funny face selfie? Here it is…

Close up of Ernie with his tongue stuck out

I look pretty goofy, don’t I?

Y’know…yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of losing Zoey, and the mom was feeling a bit sad. I know she misses Zoey. So I tried to cheer her up by making this funny face. She likes when I stick my tongue out. It made her smile so I think it worked.

Here’s something we haven’t shared before. About 6 months ago…I think it was to celebrate National Pet Month…the mom got this note and beautiful portrait of Zoey in the mail from Chewy.

Portrait of Zoey

It was just a random thing…they didn’t know Zoey was gone…the mom hasn’t removed her from our account. But it was a nice surprise and a wonderful way to remember her.

I don’t know who the artist is but they sure did a great job capturing Zoey’s beauty, didn’t they?

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  26 Responses to “Easy E’s Funny Face Selfie”

  1. Ernie, that selfie would make anyone smile! Good work on cheering your mom up.
    That is a lovely gift from Chewy. The artist has captured Zoey’s beautiful eyes so well.

  2. Ernie, your selfie was perfectly sweet and silly.

    Maybe that lovely portrait of Zoey wasn’t so random after all. Maybe her spirit was letting your mom know that she’s still with her. ❤️

  3. What a great job you did bringing a smile to your mom’s face, Ernie!

    That was very nice of Chewy.

    The Chans

  4. Wow, another pic where we can see your big mits, Ernie!
    We know how hard Angel Zoey’s leaving hit your meowmy; good thing that she has you to entertain her.

  5. That is a delightful surprise gift. With your pirate flag like selfie, I bet she was very cheered.
    You all have a lovely week

  6. Ernie, that wonderful, funny face selfie of you definitely wins the award for today! And what a wonderful heartwarming surprise that you received that beautiful portrait of Zoey from Chewy.

  7. Wow, what a wonderful surprise! It is a great drawing of Zoey, worth framing!

  8. That was a very sweet gift. Funny face, but still adorable. XO

  9. That is too cute Ernie! The Zoey painting is so amazing and such a wonderful keepsake gift.

  10. Ernie I love those big old paws of yours crossed below that pink tongue sticking out – you MUST have cheered up your Mom big time. It never stops – the sadness at losing a person or animal in your life – we know that. A few years ago we received a beautifully done small painted portrait of ME from Chewy. We love it. That they take time to do that at all is just so kind we think – it’s a beautiful image of Angel Zoey that your Mom will treasure forever.

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  11. I miss Zoey, too. I bet your mom felt better after seeing your goofy face, Ernie.

  12. Ernie, that is the cutest and the sweetest picture of you in a long time. And your sister Zoey was such a beautiful girl that my mommy always admired her and always told Zoey how beautiful; she was and is.

  13. Goofy it is but a great way to make your mom laugh. Chewy is so thoughtful to have sent the beautiful picture of Zoey.

  14. That was a wonderful note and a beautiful, beautiful piece of art of Zoey and is your mom’s name SUZANNE like my mama whose name is SUZANNE also? WOW! And we love your tongue out. It made us laugh too.

  15. The perfect selfie! What a lovely surprise and remembrance of Zoey

  16. You’re such a thoughtful kitty, Ernie. Those Chewy portraits are amazing. We got one of Truffles and it stays by her urn.

  17. That was so nice of Chewy. Beautiful gift. Fun selfie Ernie!

  18. Ernie what a lovely random act of kindness from Chewy. They are the most giving and personal big company I have ever known. They capture Zoey’s eyes purrfectly
    As for you my handsome house panther…what a amazing pose and I love that raspberry and crossed polydactyl paws
    Hugs Cecilia

  19. Zoey sure was a great cat, Ernie, and that is a wonderful portrait of her from Chewy. We are sorry Mom is feeling sad and missing Zoey so. Your fun face is precious, and we are glad you helped her to smile. XO

  20. Goofy is a dog and you don’t look like him

  21. We remember sweet Zoey … and how lovely that you’re making your Mom smile when she is sad and missing her.

    PS Ernie, be sure to check your email for a little note from June …

  22. dat iz zoey sending yoo some love fur the great beyond

  23. Ahahaha, Ernie, what a fun and adorable picture of you! Beautiful portrait of Zoey, we send many purrs for your mom. We know how hard it is to lose a kitty friend.

  24. That is an adorable selfie of you, Ernie – and a sweet pawtrait of Zoey also. Purrs and hugs to you and your Mom as you remember her.

  25. What a cute Selfie, that was some excellent job, Ernie 😀 That’s a beautiful portrait of Angel Zoey and so special that she showed up on her Birthday ♥♥♥ Soft Pawkisses for your mommy and for you too 🙂 ♥

  26. Guud Greef!! 3 yeerss all reddy Ernie.??? Wee miss Zoey girl two.
    Yore Seflie iss specktaculur mee frend!!! Sheer purrfection! An you cheered yore Meowy up so it iss dubbelly speshell…..just like YOU!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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