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Nov 172023

You guys! I was hiding out in my cube and I thought no one would ever find me here.

Ernie in his cube with his tail sticking out of it

But I was betrayed by that one little pesky thing…MY TAIL!


  24 Responses to “Betrayed”

  1. You can never trust those tails!

  2. Those pesky tails of ours can be dead giveaways at times.

  3. Our tailios sure have a mind of their own sometimes.

  4. YOu know Ernie, those durned tails of ours are our personal nemesis!

  5. It’s a common issue, Ernie.
    We humans find it enchanting, however.

  6. Pawsome cube Ernie! Those tails gets us into trouble sometimes.

  7. Yes, I would not have seen you otherwise…sneaky tail!

  8. dood..yur tail mighta bee trayed ewe but yur cube total rox !
    doez it come with snax tray ‼️

  9. ooopz..furst spellin errorz oh de month…thatz spozed ta bee
    total LEE rox

  10. Dude, it wasn’t your tail, mew need a bigger cube! Happy weekend to mew!

  11. Oh, Ernie, at least you have a tail to tell….

  12. Tails are sneaky……they act like they have a life of their own – don’t they realize they’re attached to US? I think when we’re trying to hide out we need to make sure that tail is UNDER us – not behind us!

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. Our housemate and fellow house panther Winky struggles with her traitorous tail as well, Ernie. How rude of it for betraying you. Purrs!

  14. It is kinda sticking out! MOL

  15. Good hiding spot, too bad that tail gave you away.

  16. Yes, she wouldn’t have found you otherwise Ernie!

  17. Tales always tell. 🙂

  18. whose tail is it really?

  19. We hope you gave your tail a really good talking to, Ernie. That is quite unacceptable!

    The Chans

  20. The tell-tale tail!

  21. Darn. Your tailio sold you out, Ernie!

  22. Mew mew mew Ernie that iss a guud hidin place butt yore tail had other ideass!
    Mew mew mew BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum

  23. Sometimes a tail can turn into a tattle-tale.

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