Nov 102023

You guys! Y’know…it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Tip of the Day for you. You remember these, don’tcha? It’s where I share a tip, thought or some words of wisdom to help make your life a little better. So without further ado…let’s get into it.

When your heated bed isn’t keeping you warm enough…find yourself one of these vent thingies where hot air blows out and lie on it.

Ernie lying on heat vent

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you’re gonna burn up if you stay on it for too long. It won’t happen. I know from experience.

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  19 Responses to “Easy E’s Tip of the Day – Another Way to Stay Warm”

  1. Oh Ernie, I sure wish we had those kind of air vents at our house. We have that radiant heat that goes along the baseboards of the walls that I just love to lean up against.

  2. That’s an awesome tip, Ernie. I need a human sized one!

  3. That is a very good tip, Ernie.

  4. Brilliant!

  5. My cats are jealous. Those vent thingies are on the ceiling here!

  6. Oh yeah, the hot air blowing thing is grate. Love it first thing in the morning when the heaty monster starts and blows hot air under my ham-mick. Bliss. After that it is back to the cat cup!

  7. Oh, Ernie, we would listen to you if you told us the moon was made of green cheese! Not having a penchant for green cheese, we would just believe it and look at our nice green moon when it comes out. And yes, a heat vent…SOOOOO comfy and smart. And why is your mama wearing mittens and a coat? Maybe the heating isn’t working too well haha.

  8. Ernie, I do that constantly!!

  9. I love heat vents too Ernie… of my FAVE nap spots is behind the couch in the living room where there’s a nice heat vent in a SMALL space so I get lots of glorious HEAT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. You know all the tricks, Ernie.

  11. That’s a pawsome tip, Ernie ! Too bad that we don’t have thoose vent thingies ! Purrs

  12. Air does not always blow thru the vent when you want it however.

  13. Yes Ernie, those things really do keep the furs nice and warm!

  14. Great tip Ernie!

  15. If only wee had floor ventss heer! Butt mee DOES have mee cat tree bye THE raddyatur inn bedroom….wee gotta stay warm rite Ernie???
    Man iss chilley out there issn’t it???
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an **blowss kissess** BellaSita Mum

  16. Good tip, Ernie. We’ve been a bit chilly here too! Our vents are in the ceiling and the cats like to gather in places are under or near to them.

  17. Ooh, we love the hot air blowy thing here, too, Ernie. Great tip!

  18. PIpo & Minko were fans of the heat vents too, though ours are in the wall by the baseboards, not on the floor. So they had to turn once in a while to warm up the other side, LOL!!

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