Jun 182009

I wanna thank everybuddy who came by on my birthday and partied with me! I had the bestest time! I got some nip and treats!!


And a plague rat!!!

Silly mom tried putting candles in my stinky goodness but she couldn’t get them to stand up. She’s lucky she didn’t burn down the house trying!  Doesn’t she know cats can’t blow out candles???  Or that we don’t want to???


 We wanna thank Jasmim for giving us this glamorous award!!
Thanks, Jas!!!

 Oh yeah…here’s an update on momma duck and the eggs…


We’re a little concerned ‘cuz we haven’t seen momma duck since Sunday.  But she musta been back to the nest ‘cuz now all the eggs are covered up with leaves and mulch and stuff like momma duck’s trying to hide them from predators.  Mom searched the innernets and found out that it takes about 28 days for the baby duckies to hatch…but sometimes the eggs don’t hatch at all…so we hafta wait and see what happens…


  34 Responses to “Thankful & Other Things Thursday”

  1. You gotta Plague Rat? You lucky thing! We are desperate for a Plague Rat … we’re just gonna hafta nag Mom even more. :sigh:

    Praps we could play wiv you wiv yours?

  2. We had fun at your party, Wally! And a plague rat is an awesome gift! We’re still hoping for one (or two) around here!

    Congrats on the award and we hope the Mama duck comes back soon!

  3. We STILL don’t have a plague rat! We are jealous! Mom says it’s because our house is full of cat toys and she trips on them everywhere she goes…but doesn’t she realize MORE is never enough! I will not rest until we get one.

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday and that we could celebrate it with you. We are so curious about your duckie eggs so thanks for the update.

  4. Wally, maybe you should go & sit on those eggs while the momma is gone to keep them warm. Glad you had a nice birthday:)

  5. What a fabulous gift!
    Glad to see you enjoyed a lot your party!
    hummm that cake looks yummy!
    Chocolate is delicious!

    oh don ‘t worry about momma duck, I believe she is fine and everything will be okay with the eggs!
    purrs and love

  6. We’re glad you had such an awesome purrthday, Wally and that mama didn’t burn the house down after all. I know you’ll enjoy your plague rat, cuz we got one, too and it’s very stinky and compelling.

    Keep us posted on the duck drama!

  7. What a great plague ratsie! We are happy that your birthday was happy:)

    P.S. the little kittens watching Fui were our last little fosters, Ellie, Angus and Calvin:)

  8. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! At least your mom was trying to be thoughtful with the candles.

  9. We’re glad you had such a happy birthday, Wally! (We vote no on candles in our cat food too, but you know how moms are!)

    We’re wishing the eggs all the best.

  10. P.S. our mom says to say she feels that she was really ignorant about cat food. Her excuse is that her senior cats were on prescription Hills K/D for years and she had no idea what to feed us – plus the selection of cat food locally is not very good. The Pet Food Reviews site has been very enlightening (it’s clearly a labor of love).

    We’ll let you know if Tasha loses any weight. She has an extremely thick coat so sometimes it’s hard to tell for a while.

  11. Great party Wally! The Island ireally knows how to throw a party! And those candles on the food. WOW!

    Keeping our paws crossed for the duckie eggs.

  12. I am glad that you had such a happy birthday. I hope that Momma comes back!

  13. The candles are great! Glad that your mother doesn’t burn the house =) hehehe

    Jas & Gi

  14. you got neat presents. Love the candles, even if you can’t blow them out. We hope Mama Duck is OK.

  15. I sure hope you did not burn your furs on those candle flames!

  16. Glad you got good presents, can’t wait for babies.

  17. So glad you had a great purrthday, Wally!! Plague rats rule!

    Hope you have baby duckies soon!

  18. Hooray! I am so happy that you got a Plague Ratsie! They are very fun.

  19. A plague Rat is all the rage now. Mom will not order us one because we do not play with the toys we already have. We do not really think that is very fair.

    Maybe Mama Duck hasn’t started incubating the eggs yet. We do not know about ducks, but with geese they lay one egg a day until she’s decided that’s enough and THEN she will start incubating all of them at once. Even if she has started incubating, she does have to leave the nest to find food and water occasionally. It’s very exciting, isn’t it?

  20. Oh, those plague rats are great toys! I am glad you had such a great birthday!

    I hope the momma duck comes back, and that the eggs all hatch. Keep us posted!

  21. Happy Late Purrthday! Sorry we missed da partay. Owr lady needs to get wif da program and get us back to bloggin an seein owr furriends.

  22. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    That is the second Plague Ratsie we saw today and now I waaaaaant one!!!!!!!!

  23. Glad you had a great purrfday. We liked the Stinky Goodness with the candles.

  24. We got two of those rats! It must really be a plague!

  25. I’m glad you had a great birthday!! Thanks for the update on those duckies! I hope they hatch soon!

  26. We Ballicai are glad you hadded a great burfday! How cute, the candles in yur stinky goodness. And we Ballicai are purrin that the little duckies hatch soon!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. That sounds like a good Birthday. We think the candles were a nice thought, not so much for cats, but it was very sweet of her.

  28. I think Mommy duck is coming soon 🙂

    Your party was great,
    thanks for the cake !!

  29. We missed your purfday party… well I hadta watch Bootsie… Maxie is grounded. And Daisy gots hur handsful wif her five kittens!

    We is glad u hads a good party! Happy purthday!

    We home Mommy Duck will hafs healthy ducklings!

    Luv, Katie Too and da Katz Gang

  30. we hope!!! Silly typeriter.

  31. i had a dream i had so much cat nip that i went through a heating duct and explored all the pipes and stuff. woah. happy birfday again
    marko meowii

  32. Wally, I just can’t believe I missed your birthday! My Mom has just been so occupied lately with the porch construction and then the picnic in the park for my human sister to celebrate her wedding. I just got to get her to slow down a bit and look at the blogs. Sheesh!

  33. I hopes you luvs your Plague Ratsie! Dat is a pawsome gift for your purrthday!


  34. So glad you had a great time on your birthday Wally. That was a cool rat you got. We sure hope the duckie eggs hatch.


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