Nov 022023

You guys! It’s gotten kinda cold around here. In fact…there was some…I hate to say it…snow on Halloween. What the fluff?!? It wasn’t a lot…just some flurries. But it’s too early for that white stuff. 

Ernie hanging over the side of his cat bed

So I’ve been hanging out…literally…in my heated cat bed. If you think this bed looks a little bit different…you’d be right. Because I got another heated bed! My other heated one is upstairs so I’ll always have a place to stay warm and cozy no matter where I am in the house.

You could say I’m spoiled…but I say I deserve it.


  24 Responses to “Hanging Out and Staying Warm”

  1. Of course you deserve it, Ernie.

  2. Two heated beds is awesome, Ernie. I might need a human sized one for myself, just to stay warm this winter.

  3. Ernie you are a lucky guy – TWO warm beds are better than one !!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. You’ve got the cozy going on Ernie and it sure is warm bed season already!

  5. Oh, dear.Ernie, you deserve two cat beds and who is debating that?

  6. Ernie you are a lucky cat! Everyone deserves two heated beds in the winter time.

  7. Absolutely, you deserve to be well taken care of, Ernie. That’s not spoiled, at least not in my books.

  8. 2 heated beds! You are one well taken care of kitty Ernie!

  9. You are such a loved boy, Ernie.

  10. You are not spoiled. You are just being treated as all cats should be treated. XO

  11. Two cat beds are necessary when you have two floors. Who wants to deal with stairs?

  12. you DO deserve a heated bed!!! It was so cold I couldn’t believe it! (Probably seemed worse because it had recently been so warm)… you know, it was a raw kind of a cold. When I walked Levi on Halloween I made him pee super fast so I could go back in lol.

  13. That one looks very comfy.

  14. Spoiled????? NAW-HUH!!! You Ernie are oen pampurred man cat as you shuud bee 😉
    Lookin pawsum mee Gee (Guy).
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an ***blowss kissess*** BellaSita Mum

  15. You look so comfy Ernie. A heated bed is a great idea!

  16. You absolutely deserve it! And leopard print looks amazing on you. We had a sunny but cold Halloween. We got some snow showers yesterday though.

  17. We pups saw measurable snow on Tuesday…and we are glad we don’t livb=ve near Muskegon…they had a huge dump of lake effect. Yikes!

    We wish we had heated beds…so we’ll just block the hot air vents instead, LOL!

  18. You definitely deserve it!

  19. Ernie, what the fluff, indeed!
    Sweetie stays in her heaty bed, unless she’s trying to snuggle under the bedcovers.

  20. Ernie, so good to have several ways to keep warm in various places! It’s been unusually cold here too. It’s very early for us to have such bitter cold here! You look cozy and handsome!

  21. You aren’t spoiled, Ernie. You are “propurrly appreciated” (mol).and yes, you do deserve it!

  22. It seems all-together right that you should have a heated bed on every floor of the den!

  23. OMC two heating beds! Now you never have to get cold again, Ernie. Spoiled? Not at all, you deserve the best…and the most 😀 Extra Pawkisses 🙂 ♥

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