Oct 082023

You guys! Here’s my selfie for today…plain and simple…nothing fancy. No messing around for me. Just one and done.

Close up of Ernie sitting on couch

You like how I tucked my paw between the cushions?

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  31 Responses to “Easy E’s Plain & Simple Selfie”

  1. That’s the best way to do it, Ernie! You are showing off your thumb!

  2. One and done. Easy peasy. Easy Ernie. And the paw nails it!

  3. Bravo! You win the handsome award for the day!

  4. Ernie, We love the way you tucked you paw between the cushions!

  5. Great selfie!

  6. Mew mew mew Ernie wee DUE like how you tucked yore paw beetween THE cushionss!!
    Purrfect One an Dun Selfie mee frend 😉
    ****nose kissess**** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

  7. Oh, Ernie, that is so adorable. I think it’s helps your balance, too, and keeps your patty paw warm!

  8. Yes I do like it, you handsome boy! You need some smoochies!

  9. That is a handsome selfie. XO

  10. Excellent selfie (especially the paw tuck)

  11. Ernie dude, mew are looking just PAWESOME today!

  12. What a lovely portrait, and the sneaky little poly-paw is the nicest touch.

  13. Ernie such a cute picture of you! That paw is thoroughly snugged!

  14. Good job on the selfie Ernie – I like the paw tuck…..very nicely done and a great way to show off those extra toesies!

    Hugs, Teddy

  15. I love your paw! That’s adorable!

  16. You are sure looking good Ernie!

  17. Perfect selfie. I love the paw-between-the-cushions.

  18. Handsome as always Ernie love your paw tuck.xx

  19. That’s beautiful, Ernie, and we love the paw coming out of the cushions!

    The Chans

  20. Hello, handsome. Are you sure you’re not sitting on another cat?!

  21. Were you keeping your paw extra toasty in between the cushions, Ernie?

  22. Keeping it simple is always a good way to go, Ernie!

  23. Ernie, you’re as handsome as ever!

  24. Just one and done sounds like a good blog name. Great selfie you are a natural!

  25. We love yur stuck in the cushions selfie, Ernie!

  26. dood !! while ewe iz ther, see if ewe can find sum spare change under cushionz !!!! mite end up
    with like a hundred dollrz 🙂 ♥♥

  27. It is a very beautiful one and done Ernie!

  28. That’s not a plain and simple Selfie of YourSelfie, Ernie, that is a purrfect one ♥ Did you find a crumble of something in the couch, or was it just for fun 😉 Extra Pawkisses 🙂 ♥

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