Changing Seasons

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Sep 142023

You guys! The weather has been much cooler this week. It’s definitely feeling more like fall.

Ernie in his heated bed

Y’know…the mom says I’m a really good indicator of the changing seasons. She can tell because I start seeking out warmer spots to snooze. Like my heated bed here. I haven’t used this bed all summer. But lately I’ve been sleeping in it. Well, it’s not plugged in…it’s not that cold…but it still feels warm and cozy.

Oh I know summer’s not done with us yet…and it will get hot again…and I won’t want to use this bed. But hopefully, that will be short-lived and I’ll get back to my bed.

How ’bout you guys? Do you seek out warmer spots when the weather gets cooler?


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  1. You know the best spots to go depending on the weather, Ernie.

  2. My Mom agrees – we cats are good indicators of weather…..we hide if storms are coming, we use WARM spots for naps if we feel cool weather coming, we sleep out in the open if it’s HOT……we ought to get a paycheck for that kind of weather predicting don’t you think Ernie?

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. My mom agrees too. She has noticed that about me.

  4. Mum keeps my heated bed plugged in all year long. It is where I love to sleep and just hang out. Now my hammick, that I only use when the heaty monster blows warm air under it.

  5. Da Boyz are currently curled up together; means ‘it’s cold!’
    But Sweetie has slept in her heated bed all summer, so she’s not a good indicator AT ALL, Ernie.

  6. The kitties around here are just like you, Ernie. They’ve all been seeking out warmer spots on these cooler days. My favorite is when they pick my lap as their warm spot. Purrs and warm wishes!

  7. I hope it continues too stay cooler, our kitties miss our fireplace.

  8. So you are the local weather forecaster, eh? Hope you get extra treats for your work!! Its been nice to have the cooler temps. We love early fall!

  9. alias sleeps in the same cat bed (that’s in front of a heating/cooling vent) all year round. Norma has a variety of sleeping spots. They tend to sleep together when it gets cold out. Your heated bed looks awecome.

  10. Glad it is cooling off. XO

  11. Great looking bed Ernie. Scout has started sleeping in her kitty condo on cooler days.

  12. You look cozy and comfy, ready for any weather, Ernie! We’re a little cooler here but not by much. Kitties are indeed seeking out warmer spots, and snuggling together more often

  13. Mudpie has moved back into her KatKabin this week! We love it.

  14. We do that too Ernie, but we haven’t needed to move yet MOL!

  15. Oui, we are on the same page, and I have a plug-in bed, too, but we’re not using it yet. I use the word “we” loosely as THEY do NOT fit in my nice warm beddy-bye.

  16. Oh, we just turn on the furnace if it gets chilly. Mom is very sensitive to cold.
    Ernie, you look absolutely fabulous in your leopard skin bed. No wonder you like to snuggle down there.

    By the way you are on our blog, today.

  17. You look so cozy in that bed. When the weather gets cooler, I get a lot more cuddling cat pictures over here.

  18. We are not looking for hot spots yet

  19. Ernie you look all kinds of handsome.
    OMCs yes crazy weather here too. It was 39 this morning in a city 50 miles west of us
    It was 54 here in Raleigh. But as you so wisely stated. Summer is not finished with ‘us’ yet
    Hugs Cecilia

  20. ALLWAYSS Ernie! Mee lovess to snuggle inn mee Vee-lure blankit on BellaSita’ss bed…it iss so plush an warm an cozy! An mee sleepss more inn mee cat bed bye bedroom window as THE Heeter iss under neeth an makess thinkss furry warm an toasty even!
    You look furry reelaxd an cozy an Leopard print REELLY suitss you!
    ***paw kissess*** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

  21. It’s true, Ernie. Sleeping spots are definitely season-specific!

    Oh. and by the way … looking handsome, dude!

  22. We also hang out more in the house now, Ernie 🙂 Extra Pawkisses just for you 🙂 ♥

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