Aug 172023

You guys! Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day! A day to celebrate and appreciate all the great things about us black cats!

Ernie sitting on couch

Here are 5 great reasons to love a black cat:

  • We always look clean.
  • We’re always in fashion…we go with everything.
  • We’re really good at playing hide and seek.
  • Holding a black cat has a slimming effect.
  • You won’t have to buy us a Halloween costume.

But really, what’s not to love about a black cat? Y’know…around here EVERY DAY is Black Cat Appreciation Day!


  25 Responses to “Black Cat Appreciation Day!”

  1. Those are all very good reasons, Ernie!

  2. You look fabulous, Ernie!
    Housepanthers are the best.

  3. Oh, Ernie you are our role model black kitty! Love that holding you makes anthros slimmer, haha.

  4. Well stated Ernie from one black handsome black panther to another.x‍⬛‍⬛

  5. Ernie, your reasons made my mom smile really extra big. She loved those.

  6. Love the list of reasons Ernie…you are a great ambassador for Black Cats everywhere!

  7. I’d rather have a little black cat, than a little black dress.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Excellent reasons Ernie but OUR reason for loving black cats is that one of them is YOU! You’ve been a friend for a very long time. We send you hugs……

    Love, Teddy and Mom Pam (and Angel Sammy)

  9. We love everything about you, Big E!! 🙂

  10. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  11. We love black kitties!

  12. Happy Black Cat Day Ernie!

  13. Enjoy your special day Ernie!

  14. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!! XO

  15. Lookin’ good as always handsome Ernie. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  16. Mew mew mew those ARE 5 grate reesonss to have a Black CAT Ernie!!!
    You tooked a hansum foto……that couch allwayss showss off yore eyess so nicelee……
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

  17. Great list of reasons ta appreciate Black Cats!

  18. We have two Black aunties and we think they steal the show, just like you, Ernie 😀 Double Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ♥

  19. MOL, a slimming effect. You’re too funny, Ernie.

  20. Happy Black Cat Day, Ernie! You are a most handsome house panther, there’s no doubt about that.

  21. And you, Ernie are one of the best!

  22. Happy belated Black Cat Appreciation Day, Ernie. We love and appreciate black kitties every day! XO

  23. Yes, agree to all 5 reasons! 😀
    Thanks so much for visiting and your kind thoughts on late Winnie; please accept my apologies for my late response.

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