Jul 072023

Whew! You guys! What a week this has been. I’m exhausted.

Close up of Ernie sleeping

First there were all the boomers going off for the 4th of July. Y’know…let me tell you a little secret. The boomers usually don’t bother me. Unless they are REALLY loud. These were noisy…but not too bad, all things considered.

Then the thing that makes the water hot…the mom says it’s called a hot water heater…broke. And there was no hot water in our house. Which made the mom discombobulated because she couldn’t take a shower like humans like to do. I told her to just use her tongue to wash herself…that’s what I do and it works just great. She didn’t like that idea. Anyways…some strange guy had to come in and put in a new water heater and take the broken one away. And you all know how much I love strangers in my house…I DON’T.

But now it’s all done…and I can finally relax. Yep, I think I’m gonna sleep the whole weekend away!


  22 Responses to “Thank Cod It’s Friday! #TCIF”

  1. I wonder why they love the water..I prefer to groom myself.

  2. Gee Ernie, I am happy you survived all the stuff going on at your place. Fireworks and a broken water heater add a bit of drama to your cozy home. Mum replaced her water heater a few years ago.
    Now that it is all done, I purr you get to enjoy lots of peace and quiet for your naps 😉
    Purrs Julie

  3. Egads, Ernie…nothing worse than a broken hot water heater!
    Glad to read that it’s all over now.

  4. I agree, Ernie. TGIF! Cold showers are no fun. We went through that last year and the guy hooked it up backwards.

  5. Wowzers. There’s been lots going on at your place, Ernie. Rest up, pal. You deserve it! XO

  6. Ernie, I know mom’s hot water heater will bite the dust any time. It’s been there a while. $$$$$ to replace but, you gotta. It’s sure good to get those silly booms out of the way so we can catch up on our sleep.

  7. That tongue thing is really tough for anthros…you know how they are….often without a clue about bathing, haha. Hope the heater works now, but it’s too hot here for showers with heat!

  8. I blame all the kerfuffle on the full moon we had on Monday, Ernie. 😀

    I’m glad all is resolved now! Hot water is important to we humans!

  9. No hot water sounds like no fun!

  10. Busy times at your house, Ernie! Glad that’s all over so now you can get some good rest!

  11. It sure was “A WEEK” there Ernie!!!
    Mee deespisess Firewerkss! They scare mee so bad. This yeer mee was brave tho’. Mee sat on BellaSita’ss lap an did ***purr therapee***……
    Wee had sum Firewerkss that sounded like bommss goin off rite outside our place….BellaSita covered her earss with her pawss an mee jsut keeped on purrin…
    No Seezure! WHEW! That was close!
    An mee heerss you ’bout Strangerss inn yore home!! Mee does not like Custoadeean!! Mee hidess when hee comess to due anythin in our place!
    Have a reelaxin “happy Nappy” deerest Ernie…Wee due hope to see you Sunday!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

  12. No hot water is no fun for peeps Ernie. I’m glad that fireworks didn’t bother you too much though.

  13. Phew you all deserve a rest!

  14. That’s awful Ernie. Hope the weekend is better for everyone.

  15. Sorry you had to deal with a stranger in the house. XO

  16. Glad the water problem was fixed….I hate having people I don’t know in my house too Ernie. INTROODERS NOT WELCOME ought to be the sign on our door!

    Hugs, Teddy

  17. Hot Water is the way TBT actually wakes up some mornings. It soaks into him. Puursonally, we think he is crazy, be he sure seems ta like it.

    If it failed, he would go crazy, we think.

  18. Ernie…OMCs I would be discombobulated too without a shower. My shower is my favorite time of day.
    ” I told her to just use her tongue to wash herself”
    Hugs Cecilia

  19. Aren’t you glad you’re a cat and don’t need to concern yourself with all those mundane household things … just leave it to the staff, we say.

  20. We bet you had double the boomers, being so close to the Canadian Border.

    Glad the water heater works again…though all the banging and stomping of those intruders is SO annoying.

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