Jun 292023

You guys! Do you remember when I first went into the sunroom and I was a little bit scared to be in there? Well, not anymore! I’m in here most every day now. I’ll stand at the door (because the mom closes it every night) begging to be let in. Sometimes the mom has had to kick me out of there at night! Well, she doesn’t literally kick me. But she makes me go back into the house.

I love to sit and watch what’s going on outside.

Ernie in the sunroom looking out the window

Or take a little…well…a long snooze.

Ernie sleeping in the sunroom

I can’t believe I was ever afraid to be here. I’m so thankful for my sunroom!


  23 Responses to “Thankful for My Sunroom”

  1. Ernie I love your sunroom – I can see why you do too…..nice views and great nap spots! Enjoy!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. What a wonderful room you have Ernie.

  3. Oh, dear Ernie, we LOVE your sunroom and how good it feels to get over fear, right?

  4. Ernie, we know that the sunroom was one of the reasons why your pawrents wanted that house…well, mostly because it was on the river, but the sunroom was a bonus.
    Glad you are enjoying in; sometimes, we have to be cautious before jumping headlong into something.

  5. We’re so glad you warmed up to the sunroom, Ernie, because it looks like a purrfect place to hang out. And we bet your begging to be let out there is an adorable sight, and we don’t blame your mom one bit for giving you your way. Purrs!

  6. I just have to be content with lots of windows. You are lucky.

  7. What a nice place to hang out!

  8. It takes a while for cats to adjust to new things, you were just being your catly self there Ernie, no worries. That is a beautiful sunroom!

  9. Your sunroom is great Ernie! I’m glad you’re not afraid anymore.

  10. That is a lovely sunroom, Ernie.

  11. WOW Ernie, that sure looks like such a nice place to hang out, you’re very lucky! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. Change can be tough, but a lot of times it works out for the best. 🙂 XO

  13. That’s a pawsome spot for a kitty!

  14. Such a purr-ty and restful and wonderful place for you … to watch your world go by!

  15. Your sunroom sounds like the best room in the house!

  16. What an epically epic sunroom Ernie! Happy Friyay dude!

  17. Ernie we have been away on a mini vacation visiting friends. They had a sunroom that I thoroughly enjoyed…it has the most amazing views. Glad you can enjoy yours too
    Hugs cecilia

  18. You look so chill-axed inn YORE Sunroom Ernie!!!
    Whew! Sumone terned up THE **heet** outside heer! Still smokey an hazey an hard to breethe….
    A Sunroom iss purrfect! 😉 Bring Outside sorta innside rite?

  19. In your case, Ernie, curiosity has not killed you, but it sure makes you a lot harder to get back in the house. You sure are one lucky boy out there with all of those whiffies! Hint: Inhale more deeply, so they’ll last overnight.

  20. Well, we sure are glad you’ve fully embraced your awesome sunroom, Ernie. Enjoy! XO

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