Jun 162023

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve done a Flashback Friday. And today we have a special one.

We’re flashing back to June 2018…and featuring our special orange boy, Wally. One thing about him is that he could sleep in the strangest positions. He was quite the contortionist! Sometimes I thought he might tie himself into a knot!

Wally sleeping in a weird position

Today would have been Wally’s 20th birthday. Happy Heavenly Birthday, my handsome boy! Oh how I miss you and all your silliness!


  23 Responses to “Flashback Friday – The Contortionist”

  1. Wally, I miss you very much. I have always remembered you, I know Ernie still misses you as well as your mom and dad.

  2. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Angel Wally!
    You were such a handsome kitty, and I enjoyed getting to know you.

  3. That is undoubtedly quite the position! Happy Heavenly Birthday to Wally!

  4. What a beautiful Ginger! Happy Heavenly Birthday Wally!

  5. Angel Wally we miss you….really. Not just because you could tie yourself in a knot for a good nap but because you were a good friend. Happy 20th Wally.

    Hugs, Teddy (and Angel Sammy)

  6. It is so lovely to see Wally again. I think being a contortionist is a ginger cat thing. Flynn used to get in the weirdest positions too.
    Happy Heavenly birthday, Wally.

  7. Sweet memories of Wally – thank you( and Ernie) for sharing them.

  8. Wally Happy 20th heavenly birthday….my gentle Gingerman.

    Hugs Cecilia

  9. That is a sweet flashback. XO

  10. Awww, we mist that special Wally too. Happy Birthday at the Bridge dear one.

  11. Adorable photo. Happy 20th Wally.

  12. Awww, such a sweetheart.

  13. Oh, we miss you, too, but we have sweet Ernie now and love him so.

  14. Happy Rainbow Birthday, Wally! We miss you too!

    The Chans

  15. Aww, Happy Heavenly Birthday to your beautiful Angel Wally the pretzel kitty!

  16. Happy Heavenly Birthday to Cool Angel Wally =^x^=
    Miss you boy !
    Hugs to your mom

  17. nice to see Wally again

  18. It’s nice to see Wally today. We will always love him, and we are sending lots of gentle purrs and love to you as you remember your beloved ginger angel.

    @Wally: We love and miss you, and hope you’re having a great celebration at the Bridge. Happy Heavenly Birthday, buddy.

  19. Wally was one of a kind! ♥

  20. Happy 20th to Angel Wally! We know ya miss him a lot.

    Yeah, we cats sleep in weird positions. Sometimes TBT looks at us and thinks “how go they DO that”?

  21. Lots of us miss you Wally … you were always a special boy, now a special angel …

  22. Happy Birthday. Wally. We miss you, too

  23. We miss you too, angel Wally. Hope you had the most wonderful Birthday in heaven ♥
    Soft Pawkisses especially for your mommy and Ernie 🙂 ♥

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