Jun 082023

You guys! Y’know what’s really cool? When the sun shining through the window makes a rainbow on you!

Ernie lying in the sun, which makes different colors on him

Thank you, Mr. Sun…for the rainbow. I wear it with pride!


  22 Responses to “Thankful for the Rainbow”

  1. We have a thing in the window that moves around an shines a rainbow around the room sometimes. We’ve learned better than to try an catch it, but it is really cool to guess where it shines next.

  2. Purrfect image for Pride Month, Ernie!

  3. yes Ernie, we should all wear it with pride.

  4. Wonderful! You are purrfect under that rainbow and should show your pride Ernie!

  5. Very impressive! Just like your big mitts!

  6. I’m just wondering if you are laying on that pot of gold.

  7. That is a lovely rainbow and perfect for this month.

  8. Ernie you are always handsome.

  9. Lovely rainbow for Pride month, Ernie!

  10. Rainbows look great on panther fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Julie

  11. Very cool photo.

  12. That looks very warm Ernie!

  13. Oh, what magical snooze and I’ll bet it brings happy dreams, too. SO beautiful on your lovely bod.

  14. and you should wear it with Pride … lovely photo, lovely rainbow, lovely Ernie … good thought.

  15. Ernie that is very cool! That has to be good luck or something when you are part of a rainbow!

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. That is quite pretty! Looks so good on your black furriness, Ernie!

  17. Wonderful photo Ernie.

  18. That’s so cool, Ernie! Does it feel warm, like the sun?

  19. You were chosen by the rainbow, Ernie!

  20. That’s a special sign especially for you, Ernie and it looks great on you too 🙂 More Pawkisses 🙂 ♥

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