May 112023

You guys! The weather has been great lately! Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. Which means the windows are open! And I’m enjoying the whiffs and watching everything going on outside.

Ernie looking out the window

Can you guess what I’m watching?

Blue heron

It’s my old pal, Alfred…the blue heron. He’s been coming around a lot this spring. I love his skinny legs!

Can you guess what else I’m watching?

Momma goose

It’s momma goose! And guess who she has with her.

Baby geese

Her babies! They’re so fuzzy and kinda gawky. Which makes them so much fun to watch!

So did you guess right as to what I was watching?


  25 Responses to “What Am I Watching?”

  1. I guessed you were watching a goose, but not her babies and the heron.

  2. You’ve got a great Bird TV channel, Ernie.

  3. I guessed birds. That goose is pretty cool. I only het ducks in the yard.
    Lately I have seen a groundhog. I love Spring window views!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. I guessed a bird of some sort, but the heron and the gosling are extra special!

  5. Lots and lots of fevvers! Our summer birds are here now too.

  6. I pretty much did! I know you see lots of water fowl. Duckies, geese, swans…

  7. Isn’t it wonderful, Ernie? And you’ll get to see those mini-quackers grow up if you keep watching …. your own private nature show on “the island channel”!

  8. Window whiffies are the best, Ernie. And you have the best Bird TV we’ve ever seen!

  9. Great photos.xx‍⬛

  10. Oh Ernie I know you have tons of wonderful things to watch around the water and in your yard. We watch our yards as much (or more) than our humans watch TV!

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Great photos. I bet Ernie loves staying there all day

  12. The babies are so cute! Great photos Ernie.

  13. You sure have a lot of different birds to watch.

  14. Those are some cool friends Ernie! Love those goslings.

  15. No, I did not guess those fascinating birdies at all! Thought maybe squirrels were out there or a mole or gopher. Much better to have Alfred and fuzzy geese.

  16. Wow, lots of cool big birds for you to watch, Ernie! Goslings, what fun!

  17. You sure have some pawsome stuff to watch! What adorable babies.

  18. That sure is cool Ernie, you’ve got lots of fun things to watch!!!!

  19. You have the greatest view, Ernie!

    The Chans

  20. You have a really great view from your window, Ernie.

  21. We saw some geese on our walk at a park the other day. No babies though, that would’ve been so cute! Good job keeping an eye on things, Ernie.

  22. We did guess right, mostly, Ernie. We did not think about Alfred!

  23. I think they are all watching you back

  24. We didn’t guess herons and geeses (old and young). We see songbirds and evil skwerrels mostly here. Sometimes a possum wanders up of the deck at night. We have seen deer in other yards but we dont want them here. They eat TBT shubbery.

  25. Wow, real live bird TV! What a great view you have, Ern.

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