Apr 162023

You guys! I just woke up from a nap. That’s why I look a little disheveled here in my selfie…and not my usual purrfect self.

Close up of Ernie looking a little disheveled

Y’know…I’m really good at napping. It’s what I do most of the time…16-18 hours a day. Guess you could call me an expert napper.

Are you an expert napper, too?

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  33 Responses to “Easy E’s Disheveled Selfie”

  1. You are always perfect even if you do have a slight bed head, Ernie.

  2. It’s commonly called entitlement. Ernie is entitled: to naps, to treats, to brushies …

  3. You are darn good at selfie taking too. XO

  4. Ernie, you look fabulous! It must have been all that beauty (handsome?) rest! 🙂

  5. Definitely in the Pro-Nap League here, MOL
    You look spiffing, Ernie. Mancat about town and ready to go. . . after a nap, naturally
    Have a great and napfull week

  6. You look good to me, Ernie.

  7. You’re always perfect to us, Ernie! We think it’s a great selfie!

    The Chans

  8. This afternoon appears to be the purrfect time for a human nap, Ernie!
    Last week was long and arduous for this workerbee.

  9. 18 hours sounds about right to us. Your selfie is great.

  10. I bet I sleep even longer!

  11. You clearly have mastered the art of napping! Lee and Phod who thinking they are excellent nappers too!

  12. Ernie I’m in the expert category too – I sleep a LOT – but I am up at night so I’m wondering if I might be part vampire!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. ***HI-5’ss*** for nappin!! Mee-yow mee iss a guud nappurr two Ernie…..iss so reelaxin rite??
    An you look man catly to mee; just purrfect!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

  14. Do you give lessons in napping?

  15. I’m right there with you Ernie, we should have a #NapFest! Your selfie looks mighty fine though!

  16. You look superb to me Ernie. Thoughtful and just about awake but Quite Superb!

  17. You’re looking adorable Ernie.

  18. It’s the very best hobby to have!

  19. You look grate Ernie!

  20. Napping?? Yup, even s pups are good at that, esp on rainy days like Sunday.
    Still, we think its a great selfie, Ernie!

  21. Angel Binky was a good napper, Ernie, it was her second nature…MOL…We don’t have time to nap so much as we have to invent a lot, but Granny is almost getting there… 😀
    We think your Selfie is just purrfect ♥ Double Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead to you and your mommy too 🙂 ♥

  22. Disheveled? Maybe in a rugged, handsome man cat kind of way, sure. I’m an expert napper, too, Ernie.

  23. Napping is good and you look purrfect to us!

  24. You look terrific to me, Ernie!

    Yes, my angels were expert nappers, that’s something that cats have down pat and humans can only envy. 🙂

  25. Napping is impawtant! You sure do an expert job at napping Ernie and who cares about bed head, those eyes are so beautiful.

  26. Ernie I say when you do something well…you should keep doing it.
    You are loving your Naps and Nips
    Hugs cecilia

  27. Are you suffering from bed hair?

  28. We think we are good at napping, but not as long as you do. We get ta go outside a lot (like 30 minutes every few hours and mostly when TBT is out with us). But we are unusually active for cats.

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