Mar 192023

You guys! The sun was shining brightly yesterday. And you know me…if there’s a sunpuddle to be had, I’m gonna find it.

Close up of Ernie with eyes wide open

And there was a big one on the bed. So I hopped up there and took full advantage of it. The purrfect spot to take my selfie!

Close up of Ernie with his eyes starting to close

But lying in that sunshine sure made me sleepy. And I started to feel my eyes drooping…

Close up of Ernie with his eyes closed

And before I knew it…I was headed for dreamland. Good thing I took my selfie first!

How ‘bout you…does being in the sun make you sleepy, too?

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  28 Responses to “Easy E’s Sleepy Sunny Selfie”

  1. That looks like the very best sun puddle, and you are certainly enjoying it.

  2. Hi there, Ernie. Nice to meet you. I have sunpuddles here and there in my new home, but I’m still a little restless and wandering and checking everything out. I do love sitting in one of the windows, though. I get to watch the birds and squirrels frolicking out in the yard.

  3. Ernie, that sunshine looks great and it looks great on you!
    I think I will find a sunny spot for myself. I love those warm rays on my black furs too 😉
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Selfies, sunshine, and snoozies? Sounds like a perfect combination to us, Ernie! XO

  5. Mee-yow stunnin Selfiess deer Ernie!
    An yes mee getss friskie inn sunshine an playss a bit an then getss so-o sleeeeeepy……
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

  6. Bet your housepanther’s fur was warm in that sunshine, Ernie!

  7. Is there room for more in your puddle?

  8. I am glad you found some sun. Adorable selfies. XO

  9. WOW Ernie…..just look how your furs shine in the sun……nothing feels better on an early Spring day than a sunpuddle and if it happens to appear on a cozy bed then it’s PURRRRFECT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. Yes, it does and our selfies are pretty alike today because of snooziness. Uh…there’s not much else important in life, right? Happy Sunday, sweet Ernie.

  11. What a great ad sunny selfie, Ernie! Around here the sn only peeked out a few times…though today its in full glory!

  12. That happens to us too but you managed to get a pawsome selfie before you fell asleep.

  13. Marvelous sun puddle and it’s lighting you up beautifully, Ernie! We finally have some here and our furriest are soaking it up today too!

  14. A sunpuddle is meant to be napped in!

  15. You are very lucky that the sun hits the bed. We don’t get much sunshine in either of our bedrooms.

  16. You are so lucky Ernie. Enjoy those sun puddles. Cute selfies too!

  17. It sure does! Look at you shine!

  18. That’s a fabulous sunny selfie Ernie and I’m sure you had a wonderfully warm snoozy too!

  19. Gosh Ernie that happens to me too.

  20. Thst’s a great selfie, Ernie.
    Yes, sunpuddles are great for napping. And rain sends Us right under the duvet, for more napping (mol).

  21. We have lots of sun puddle here and our eyelids are sure heavy with the fan blasting away! Purrs and hugs!

  22. I love to sleep in the sun. Get all recharged! Happy first day of spring.

  23. I most definitely have problems keeping Mrs H awake when it’s hot or sunny. Chores to be done and all that. Me though, I love a sun puddle snooze, preferrably with both eyes focused on the snoozing.

  24. Glad you got to enjoy some warm sunpuddles!

  25. Nice when the sun is on the bed!

  26. Sorry we’re so late. We just love the sunny globats!

    The Chans

  27. Nothing better than a sun puddle nap, enjoy Ernie!

  28. Ernie you are glowing.
    Hugs Cecilia

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