Do Not Disturb

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Mar 092023

You guys! This is what happens when you forget to put your “Do Not Disturb” sign out. You-know-who comes by sticking that camera in my face when I’m here in my cube.

Ernie in his cube

Hey…can’t you see some cat is trying to sleep here??


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  1. I do hope you get that nap in Ernie!!!

  2. We cats never seem to get away from the flashy box. Hope you got a good nap after she left.

  3. Ernie, I am here to tell you they do NOT care!

  4. *sighs* It’s the price we pay for living with pawpawrazzi. And I agree with Katie Isabella. They do not care. They just want their money-shot. So sad.

  5. What are you gonna do, Ernie?
    It’s the bane of every handsome cats’ existence!

  6. It never fails…..apparently we are irresistible to our Moms (or Dads) with the dreaded “camera intrusion syndrome”……..sigh.

    Hugs, Teddy

  7. Yes, even its the same here foor s pups. Peeps are weird!
    That is a good stink eye Ernie. You might need it for the snow that will be coming…at least in our area…we heard 6 inches. Blah…

  8. In your mom’s defense, I can see why she can’t resist taking your photo. XO

  9. You need a privacy curtain!

  10. You’re so cute in that cube Ernie, I see why your Mom was compelled to snap that camera!

  11. There is never any peace, Ernie!

  12. Oh my, Ernie, that is one cute picture! That’s why humans just keep intruding on cat naps, the pictures are just too adorable!

  13. Ernie I feel you pain but OMCs it is mostly your fault. You look so adorable and that is such a nice cube
    Hugs cecilia

  14. You will NEVER be ‘some cat’, Ernie. You are and always will be THE MOST ESTEEMED TREASURED AND LOVED CAT, remember that, and let those anthros with funny phones know it!

  15. You’re just so cute Ernie. I would be taking lots of photos of you too. Hope you were able to go back to napping.

  16. Mudpie sympathizes!

  17. Yeah! Can’t they see that! Geez, we’d be trying to sleep too if we had a great place like that to curl up in. MOL!

  18. Our #1 is pretty sneaky with her camera too but she keeps telling us that it’s all for a good cause!

    The Chans

  19. I bet she’d ignore that sign, though!

  20. You tell her Ernie!!
    Wee not been gettin Notiess about yore pso wee missed alot! Mee apawlogizess…new modem iss PHOOEY!
    But you look adoorbss!!!!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

  21. Never a quiet moment, huh? Extra Pawkisses just for you, sweet Ernie 🙂 ♥

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